Remains of beauty

We cast our shadows in this clouded world
against the darkness we rise above
bringing light to peaceful moments
leaving the remains of a memory
rippled on currents
we move through.
The gentleness of our dreams
fill our minds with a quiet hope
changes of the day into the birth of night
reflected in ourselves
leaving a trace of kindness in our wake
as tender as petals surrounded
in ugliness we sink our roots so deep
to hold on to the earth
of which we were born of,
of which we shall someday
There is a depth we tread
to stay on surfaces in fear of what lies below
yet we know,
as the sun settles herself beyond our view
and we stand alone pondering each word
each moment that has slipped away,
we long to turn back the moments
to swim in a fevered abandon,
and live more alive than we had remembered,
yet we will find ourselves content
here amongst the weeds
knowing that we unfolded our hearts
that we had our shining second of splendor
before the darkness covered us in its quiet mist
leaving us in lacy grey clouds
searching for the sustenance
that feeds our souls,
our purpose.