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Ana Linden

Early in July I shared my summer news with all of you – Glass Slippers and Stilettos, a collection of ten short stories was available for pre-orders and was going to be released on August 5th. The support and encouraging words I received from many of you have been amazing, reminding me once again what a warm, kind community this can be. So thank you, thank you, thank you and a big hug to everybody!

Since I’m not one for aggressive self-promotion, all I’m going to say is that you can download both my books for free on using the coupons listed below (the promotion ends on August 21st). They are available in various formats, compatible with all e-readers. If you had fun reading the Glass Slippers and Stilettos and Parallel Lives fragments, perhaps you might want to give the books a try or…

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Where water meets soul

“It’s far beyond the stars
It’s near beyond the moon
I know beyond a doubt
My heart will lead me there soon”

Beyond the Sea lyrics


I am there in the water that meets the sky like friends

lost after time reunited,

I touch the warmth of your silky wet softness

feeling you lingering against my legs as I stare out at a cloud

alone in a baby blue blanket atmosphere.

I sit in your swirling damp spray

laughing like a child as you move me backwards and forwards

carrying me away like a lover

and I nestle in deeper,

grabbing handfuls of your treasure

searching, always searching yet also knowing

the right piece will find me

at the right time in the fistful of beauty

I will piece through and there it will sit

nestled like a pearl in a shell,

I pluck out the dark sharp pieces that I came for

tucking each one away in my satchel

as you push and pull me

and I feel the grit of a thousand pieces of you

trapped beneath the flowered piece I wear

a mermaid washing languidly

caught between the shore and you

and your breath blows gently against my hair

and I feel your kiss upon my cheek

and I am so very alive in this moment

where joy finds me caught in the little tide of romance

with the sea.

A beautiful morning out at the Gulf searching for treasure (sharks teeth) and this time planting my butt down into the bank of shells in the water, scooping up handfuls and piecing through searching, handful after handful. The water kept playing with me, back and forth, and I ended up creating a divit with my body and unfortunately came home with a boatload of shell bits stuck all over me….Perhaps not the best way to search but I had fun and felt at peace rocking in the waves. Hope you have a peaceful and blessed day my friends. Still having a touch of troubles with the internet/WP comments….sometimes it posts, often times it does not. No rhyme or reason so I will continue trying, in case you wonder why all of a sudden I am silent…it’s not for lack of trying, trust me….Mermaid K.

PS…the image was from our stay a few weeks ago at lake Erie, not from the Gulf…thank heavens we had no camera today or hubby would have had a field day of fun….sorry…. ❤