Rising high

Imagine the wind
thoughts move like the softest of feathers
rising higher beyond the
not good enough,
not right for,
not strong enough,
not for me,
the soul she speaks in dreams
higher and higher into the light
glancing off of the shimmering sky of power
igniting into motion
the I can
and the I will
and the watch me now
as the lift begins
invisible courage currents buoy
and beyond the cage,
the box,
the strings that tied her to false imagined thought
set free into the universe of
here she goes,
she did it,
watch her now,
to see that through the oasis of mirage
the secret became the truth
that she was made for all of those things denied
by her own inner self
she rises
she soars
never looking back.

To the strength and resiliency of those who never think they could, until they do, and to those yet to try an encouraging word of Yes, you can. Peace and love, K