Always Fair

We moved through vistas of noise and color

as illusion played out its spectacle

through light and scent,

walking through a maze of yesterday

memory plays its timely tricks

seeking out of solace our imagined perception

of what was and is now not.

Yearly tradition like familiar dreams

grab us eagerly like children

dragging us into the good times left behind

and we look back as we grow dark and grey,

missing those fast paced colorful moments

wondering if our life left us

as the train pulled out-of-town

destination bound to the next stop

somewhere East

where the sun would greet a new day

and a new band of children eager

to make memories.

We won the prizes through sweat and tears

as fists full of dollars flowed like water in goldfish tanks

and I-Got it balls bounced aimlessly down the midway,

a lost red orb kicked off to the side unseen

by passers-by.

I know the scent of my youth

for I have lived it each year of my 49,

until now not having missed a piece

and I look back and know it’s okay

’cause the train took me into that sun

where I knew the colors I needed were a turquoise sea

and a sky that is unmatched.

I rode the ride of a wave,

unchecked and not tethered in for fear

as I smelled the scent of salted air,

so sweet like caramel to me,

and this land a piece of history

more for circus than for fair

but it is where I chose,

it is where I meet the fair of my dreams

in sleep it comes to me,

the precious memories

never left behind like empty lots

where the magic happened,

but where the sounds rise up to meet

a thousand bits of color

in the stars that now teach me of quiet

and peace

and no need for the thrill

of yesterday now gone.

This image was taken at the Erie County Fair, photographer unknown. I spent at least a day if not more every year for all of my life, inhaling the aromas of sausage and peppers/onions, fried dough, caramel corn, roasted corn….the list is endless, although I always had to have my piece of Louies pizza….as if you couldn’t get pizza everyday from anywhere…it was just a tradition, a staple of my experiences there. With moving to Florida, I missed it this year and I’m okay with that….there’s always next year….but I wouldn’t trade a day there for the afternoon storm clouds, the lightning storms, and the stunningly gorgeous blue green water of the gulf. To me, the trade-off is, lets just say, Fair.


23 thoughts on “Always Fair

  1. HI Malctg,
    I think the deep,fried fair food will live on long after we’re gone😊 cause we know that’s what will truly kill us in the long run😀 but if we eat it sparingly, we will live a bit longer😀 thanks and I’m glad you enjoyed, peace and blessings for a long healthy life💜


  2. Your happy place, the fair in your mind, I love that and mine was always on a beach, we took the plunge so to speak and now live in Florida close enough but not enough to get washed away. Not sure where you live and now it’s moving up the coast, I pray you’re not in its path, it was almost like another day here except with a breeze….we always take care, as much as you can I guess, we were on the fringe of it. My Dad is in Delaware so I know he’s getting ready to hunker in. I thank you for this comment Lady G, life can have its horrid darker side, I always pray for a light to allow others to see by, wish it were stronger….blinding perhaps, haha…..someday….peace and blessings and sending awesome vibes, Kim


  3. Hi Kim!
    First things first! Please stay safe in that weather ⚡️
    Yes, I absolutely agree with you. It is fun to think that we were all attending the same “fair.” You know, that time of life when all was well and we had no clue about the darker side. And yes, that state of mind stays with us and is always available. I often joke with people that I “go to the fair” in my head whenever someone is saying something that is negative or just incompatible with my vibe.
    Peace and blessings to you also 🌷

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  4. Hey Lady G, love that name by the way….I think the world is smaller than we think and so many experience the same things in similar ways, things that stir memories tend to rank higher on the scale and it’s such fun to,realize that perhaps my fair was your fair, even if different states, the state of mind remains so very strong. Peace and love, surviving the storm down here in rainy FL…gives me lots of time to ponder more writing of memories…always good😊💜 peace and blessings, Kim🎡

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  5. As a child, I LOVED the fair 🙂
    The imagery that you have created here is so wonderfully vivid and so reminiscent of a magical time in my life.
    Thank you.

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  6. Good times, bad times….all relative in the big scheme of life as we know it….but I love the food smells….just can’t eat a lot of it anymore, no teenaged steel stomach😊

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  7. Ah, now my coffee addled thoughts move to Baryshnikov…..hmmm, even better way to start the day….ha, mom wouldn’t let me date until high school…..good thing as I was so shy anyway….perhaps I was the breaker of hearts…but most likely not😇💜

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  8. Thank you Sue, always pleasant memories around that place, a main staple of childhood into adulthood, truly magical…hot summer days and food that isn’t so good for you, priceless😊 have an amazing weekend too💜

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  9. I only slightly miss it….left town a week before it began…better planning next time around and yes, it was always such fun, young romance too, good food, etc….memories, always a pleasure😊

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  10. Good morning Sky,
    Flying well yourself in words too I see.
    Childhood fair days were always the best, not bad for an adult too…
    Gotta walk off all that bad for you food you know….
    No deep fried for me alas,
    Quesadilla tonight…..and rain coming soon.
    Have a great day,
    Will email soon😊

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  11. Thanks Michael, a leisurely day of catch up and my mind drifted off to old days…glad you enjoyed, probably the same fair, the Straits run it, move on to Syracuse after western NY….miss that deep fried Twinkie too😊

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  12. There are always sight,sounds,smells of our youth that never can be found again
    I know this mystery well,I’ve often thought about what made it different then now
    My quick guess is in the perspective of a child’s eye
    Life is always three times the size
    Great read Kim
    Good morning
    Sky pilot

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  13. Vivid and evocative. Takes me back to the carnivals where I grew up, but could have been the midway at the TX state Fair. Nice piece, Kim

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