Welcome fury

We stand between the silence analyzing the thoughts that move

fluid like currents below the waters,

we can feel the tug, the motion

yet pull back for fear of going to far

to where no return would seem safe

and the sun beyond the thought beckons

in a world where the skies lie gentle in blue hues

soft as a baby blanket

and I turn around yet sense below it all

the movement heard

as the trees bend and rock

and the sound that had moved from silence

now crushes in a fury of sound and motion

like an unexpected visitor

as the rain comes rushing down

welcomed to alleviate the routine

knocking at the door with abandon

we open the shutters to see the fury unleashed.

Minutes pass like the dry patches that now lay soaked

quick as that, flash flood pouring down from above

the metal sags beneath the weight,

miniature rivers run through sand and green

into the corner of the jungle land

and just as suddenly as it had come

it slips away as if it was never there

except for the chorus of the frogs

always gleeful when the water beckons

they emerge and wage a battle hymn

with cicada harmony joining in

and I smile as I realize the little things

that take my mind away from the depths

and I swim on the surface

of another magical moment.

Yesterday was quite the interesting day, as the husband comes walking in I think I hear wind and ask him how bad it is out as he replies, not windy at all, and I turn around a moment later to see this wicked cool storm sending the trees waving in all different directions and the unfilled skies opened up with what seemed like a waterfall that splashed down like a bucketful thrown in fun. Just as fast as it came, it slipped away. The bananas (which are almost done) will be happy. Bonus was the second bunch on another tree which I didn’t even know about in the back corner. Going to be a banana bonanza soon. On another subject, once again, my comments are not sticking on some blogs that I follow. Check your word press spam folder and you can find me there. Sigh…..Tropical season is interesting to say the least 🙂 Peace and rainy days can be fun.