Welcome fury

We stand between the silence analyzing the thoughts that move

fluid like currents below the waters,

we can feel the tug, the motion

yet pull back for fear of going to far

to where no return would seem safe

and the sun beyond the thought beckons

in a world where the skies lie gentle in blue hues

soft as a baby blanket

and I turn around yet sense below it all

the movement heard

as the trees bend and rock

and the sound that had moved from silence

now crushes in a fury of sound and motion

like an unexpected visitor

as the rain comes rushing down

welcomed to alleviate the routine

knocking at the door with abandon

we open the shuttersย to see the fury unleashed.

Minutes pass like the dry patches that now lay soaked

quick as that, flash flood pouring down from above

the metal sags beneath the weight,

miniature rivers run through sand and green

into the corner of the jungle land

and just as suddenly as it had come

it slips away as if it was never there

except for the chorus of the frogs

always gleeful when the water beckons

they emerge and wage a battle hymn

with cicada harmony joining in

and I smile as I realize the little things

that take my mind away from the depths

and I swim on the surface

of another magical moment.

Yesterday was quite the interesting day, as the husband comes walking in I think I hear wind and ask him how bad it is out as he replies, not windy at all, and I turn around a moment later to see this wicked cool storm sending the trees waving in all different directions and the unfilled skies opened up with what seemed like a waterfall that splashed down like a bucketful thrown in fun. Just as fast as it came, it slipped away. The bananas (which are almost done) will be happy. Bonus was the second bunch on another tree which I didn’t even know about in the back corner. Going to be a banana bonanza soon. On another subject, once again, my comments are not sticking on some blogs that I follow. Check your word press spam folder and you can find me there. Sigh…..Tropical season is interesting to say the least ๐Ÿ™‚ Peace and rainy days can be fun.


21 thoughts on “Welcome fury

  1. I have no regrets about moving down here, the smell of the earth, the flowering landscapes, it’s all so lush and beautiful, even during the rain…but it brings the scents out even more. I live about a five minute drive from the ocean….I love combing the sand for sharks teeth…have found a few hundred but it makes my day and is such a peaceful solitary thing to do, just breathing in the salty air and feeling the water wash over me…pure bliss. Let me know if you ever get over here to the gulf coast. We live in Venice. Amazing place ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. El Paso is a really nice part of TX unlike the sweltering stiffling humidity and crowding of places like Houston. Where I live isn’t bad and is very green a bit like FL but not nearly as beautiful and what I like about FL is the air, since it’s near the sea, plus I went to the keys a couple of years back and then saw that show on Netflix Bloodline (great show) seemed so beautiful but I must admit I’m a sucker for green and FL is so green and verdant – don’t know why it’s been in the eye of the storm so much of late, but still keeping fingers crossed it all passes you as much as possible and I know how scary that is – be well and be safe – know many of us are thinking of you and hoping you are kept out of that rain, nature is so beautiful but so fierce. xo Hugs

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  3. Thank you thank you for the light, it must have worked as we seem to have escaped the brunt of it, I send prayers and hope to where it moves next, to those who may suffer worse. I’ve only been to TX once, El Paso for an inventory count for work, it was February and cool…I always thought it was hot hot hot there…..will pray for some rain for you….not too much of course, enough for what you need. Peace and blessings my friend and thank you, your words mean a lot.

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  4. I shall be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and crossing my fingers for your safety and security because I know it is very scary. I really send you lots of white light to protect your home and harth (as they used to say back in the olden days and I like that saying). I love FL if I could live in any state I think I would like to live there, I have visited a lot, it’s so beautiful but the weather has been very tormenting to you guys of late. I shall be praying you are not going to get as deluged and that it comes my way (TX) because we need the rain and it keeps skipping where I live! BIG HUG and safety winging itself to you my friend xo

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  5. we’re waiting on the rain as we speak and I’m a bit South of where Hermine is supposed to hit…saying prayers for those in the path, just will be no fun with two cooped up pups for a day and a half while the skies bubble….your words mean a lot and I am always fascinated by your writing, eloquent and thought provoking. I haven’t been commenting much as WP is playing games where some go to people’s spam files. It gets aggravating as no rhyme or reason , just seems to be on the ones I comment a lot on. Safe and sound with a solid roof over my head and time to write for once ๐Ÿ™‚ life is good indeed. Peace and blessings, Kim โค

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  6. Dear Kim, I loved the line; To where no return seemed safe. I thought that was utter genius. The whole poem was beautiful just so beautiful I’m so enraptured by your descriptive mind, it weaves wonderful words together so seamlessly, well done, and I do hope your home was saved from any storm.

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  7. Please be safe, Kim. Florida can get outta hand. Big hugs and lots of love. Happy Tuesday! โค


  8. That was just a run of the mill afternoon storm but later this week the big one is due to arrive…..lots of rain expected shopping is done and ready for the fun. I’m so glad you enjoyed it my friend, been writing sporadically these days….filling out applications, etc….sucks up some time…no hits yet on a job…..the right one will come along๐Ÿ˜Š be good sweetie and Happy Tuesday ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

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  9. Got more on the way, and that was just an every day rain but with wind….got my shopping done so I don’t have to go out in the tropical storm due later this week. Love the sound of rain๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’ง๐Ÿ’ฆ๐ŸŒงโ›ˆ thanks Elouise๐Ÿ’•

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  10. replies get through, but that’s all. If I comment on your post it doesn’t but I’ll go try another one right now. Did it on the take a# post….sigh….


  11. Enjoy whatever you choose to do. Company, huh? Sounds like the friendship boat has docked. Glad to hear you’re settling in. TTYL


  12. Its hit or miss, I’ve been commenting so much less as one day it will stick, one day it won’t….gets a bit frustrating….had company yesterday for dinner, a nice day. Perhaps today cut the banana bunch down…..or the beach….options are endless but rain? This afternoon supposedly…hmmmm…how strange๐Ÿ˜€


  13. Well, durn….deluges that dropped from heaven in whipping sheets of wind and water followed by the most stunning sunlight and sparkling leaves you can imagine. Only in Florida. Terrifying beauty.

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  14. That is one scary picture. Goodness! But, these lines… I found a home here:

    “and the sound that had moved from silence

    now crushes in a fury of sound and motion

    like an unexpected visitor

    as the rain comes rushing down

    welcomed to alleviate the routine

    knocking at the door with abandon”

    I am glad you are alive and well enough to tell the tale.

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