Red water runs

Moving menace

Fish flounder in sickening seas

Birds will die from poisoned fins

Sadness as the breath

Escapes in particles

Consuming oxygen

Killing life.

Can’t breathe here suddenly

Escape back to safer climate

Down the street and away

We are able

We run seeking shelter

If only they could too.

Went down to the jetty today to experience our first red tide since we’ve been living near the gulf, upon exiting the car, the particulate in the air took your breath away, I came home feeling sick and my nose plugged up and we were only out for about a minute and a half. It is horrible and my heart aches for the fish dead and dying and the birds that consume them awaiting the same fate a little bit in the future. Praying for it to break up and go away sooner rather than later. No swimming, no shark teeth hunting, no peace. Sigh. Not my image, googled one as my photos came out not so good, not enough time to get a good shot…couldn’t breathe.

First Voice

Michael over at the poetry channel had challenged me a little bit ago to come up with some spoken word poetry. Sooooo…this is my first stab and don’t know if it’s gonna be any good, please give me your feedback. I crept into the blue room one night as all these poetic words were swirling into my head and I quietly spoke into my MP3 recorder and this is what came out. Of course, forgetting most of what was in my head a few minutes prior.

In the future, if it passes muster, I will hone my skills and be a bit more creative. If it is horrid, I’m not sorry, but it was indeed a fun experience and in time, I hope to be up to the standards of my pal Tre and Michael. Peace blessings and by all means, fire away….I am ready, I think? I chose Woodstock as he followed me home yesterday and he seems like a happy fellow….what more can be inspiring? Ok….now to hit publish….so scary….argh!

A Simple Love

She stares into the distance

searching the wires for movement

as the clouds draw in and thunder rolls

I call her name and she sees the box,

hiding from the demands

looks away camera shy.

I sit beside her enjoying the moment

as the contentment fills the soul

and lightning strikes in the distance

she turns to look at me to see

if everything’s gonna be alright

and I capture the look

the simple love and trust found

and she seems to smile then,

going back to her view

and I to my peaceful contemplation,

enjoying the change of atmosphere

yet calm in my heart

as the storm rolls by.