Red water runs

Moving menace

Fish flounder in sickening seas

Birds will die from poisoned fins

Sadness as the breath

Escapes in particles

Consuming oxygen

Killing life.

Can’t breathe here suddenly

Escape back to safer climate

Down the street and away

We are able

We run seeking shelter

If only they could too.

Went down to the jetty today to experience our first red tide since we’ve been living near the gulf, upon exiting the car, the particulate in the air took your breath away, I came home feeling sick and my nose plugged up and we were only out for about a minute and a half. It is horrible and my heart aches for the fish dead and dying and the birds that consume them awaiting the same fate a little bit in the future. Praying for it to break up and go away sooner rather than later. No swimming, no shark teeth hunting, no peace. Sigh. Not my image, googled one as my photos came out not so good, not enough time to get a good shot…couldn’t breathe.

First Voice

Michael over at the poetry channel had challenged me a little bit ago to come up with some spoken word poetry. Sooooo…this is my first stab and don’t know if it’s gonna be any good, please give me your feedback. I crept into the blue room one night as all these poetic words were swirling into my head and I quietly spoke into my MP3 recorder and this is what came out. Of course, forgetting most of what was in my head a few minutes prior.

In the future, if it passes muster, I will hone my skills and be a bit more creative. If it is horrid, I’m not sorry, but it was indeed a fun experience and in time, I hope to be up to the standards of my pal Tre and Michael. Peace blessings and by all means, fire away….I am ready, I think? I chose Woodstock as he followed me home yesterday and he seems like a happy fellow….what more can be inspiring? Ok….now to hit publish….so scary….argh!

A Simple Love

She stares into the distance

searching the wires for movement

as the clouds draw in and thunder rolls

I call her name and she sees the box,

hiding from the demands

looks away camera shy.

I sit beside her enjoying the moment

as the contentment fills the soul

and lightning strikes in the distance

she turns to look at me to see

if everything’s gonna be alright

and I capture the look

the simple love and trust found

and she seems to smile then,

going back to her view

and I to my peaceful contemplation,

enjoying the change of atmosphere

yet calm in my heart

as the storm rolls by.

Morning bliss

Cool air greets the eyes that slowly wake,

The scent of coffee in the darkness

Five twenty and not yet time to move,

Yet I sit here ready,

To stretch out the body coiled too long

Wrapped in yoga pose around the lumps of sleeping dogs,

I greet the day with a smile.

I dreamt of a bird who found me,

In a beautiful shade of green and yellow

Perched in my hand and so cold

And I held it carefully wondering what to do

So I sat it down and set it free, yet it followed me.

Now I have a cat…so it wouldn’t be welcome like that

For the kitty dislikes the things in flight

And for fear of the life

I sat it on my shoulder and went to work,

Yet I no longer go there,

Then found a snake but left it alone

No place for that in the full menagerie

And I woke refreshed

And I sit and drink my brew

Warm and lifting as good coffee can do,

Pondering the midnight thoughts

That brought me to this moment

And the birds will wake soon

As the sun finds its way to greet us

Smiling on a Tuesday morn,

Blessed at the wonder each day brings

And the gift of imagination set free


A good night sleep and up before dawn, had some very strange dreams surrounding animals (not our little digits but found species), still wondering what it all meant yet at peace as I sip my coffee. Life is good indeed. Have a peaceful and blessed day, good morning friendsđź’ś

as a post note…look what I found on our walk this morning sitting by the road in the grass, and yep, we let him follow us home 🙂 not a green and yellow bird but the cat won’t eat him 🙂



Life sweetness

We come to a season of changes,

tucking ourselves away in our fortress cocoon,

tiny spaces where we linger with our thoughts

as the air cools to the remembered touch

the honey still runs in the warmth

like the river of gold goodness.

The morning skies reveal the blessings

amber slips through the sheets of clouds

as we awake and peer beyond the view

of our moment of now we wonder

what pleasures the day will bring.

Sweetest life in these days of less light

waiting for leaves to fall that cling so tight

and the pumpkin beneath the palm

still doesn’t quite seem right

but it is here

and it is what will be

as the days move closer to visits and birds

flying down to seek the warmth

from their frigid ice houses

and we welcome with azure blue pools

warmth and love to soak the soul

and we will bake in the hearth

those breads and pies that comfort so well,

and we will be grateful

as we are today

for every little thing

and each change that comes

from season to season

there’s always a reason

to find peace.

Beyond the door the thunder booms

and the sun out front betrays the winds

change taking place minute to minute

and I sit here to share just a moment of life,

to bring you in to find a place to be

sit here with me

and we’ll talk awhile

or just sit in silence

watching the Autumn clouds roll by.

The joke (short story)

Come here and give me a hand a minute, will ya? Michael yelled to Sheldon who sat comfortably in the lazy boy reading his book. Sheldon dog-eared the page and threw it down on the seat. Sure, anything to get out of reading that crap he said with a smile. What are you making anyway? Michael held some skeletal arms and string in his hand at the top of the stairs, stretching precariously to reach a hook that was about a foot too far away from his reach. It’s a joke, stupid, and then jumped up a few inches but still not quite reaching the destination. Sheldon grabbed the string from his hands, stood up on tiptoe and hung it effortlessly. It’s gotta suck being so vertically challenged he said with a laugh and Michael just gave him the finger as he handed him the next string. Different gene pool, different results…good thing I got the personality, you got nothing. Now shut up and help me, get this one up there too you ass, chuckling to himself and then grabbed the excess string and walked around the corner and began to hammer into the plasterboard.What kind of joke is this anyway? Seems a bit fake looking if you ask me. Michael peered around the corner and laughed out loud. Yeah, it may look that way but when Morgan gets home from work tonight, hits the light for the upstairs hall that I might add, is no longer in service thanks to the lightbulb that is no longer there thanks to yours truly, it’s gonna look downright freaky scary. Sheldon looked at the get-up again and shook his head, I don’t think this is such a good idea, man. Someone might get hurt or something. Michael turned and walked away flipping him off again. Nah, she’s a lot stronger than you think, she’ll think it’s funny, besides, I’ll just tell her you did it. After all, you’re the one who hung it up, right? Michael slipped around the corner again and slammed his bedroom door with a resounding thump. Stupid ass, Sheldon thought and went back downstairs to finish the last few chapters of A Separate Peace.

Morgan usually got off her job at the 7-11 most nights by 12am and unfortunately she thought to herself as she glanced at the policeman in front of her, tonight wasn’t gonna be typical. The whole night sucked. A drunk came in and she refused to sell him any beer, bad enough he was parked almost sideways in the lot, kind of the same way he walked in as he sneered at her as he staggered back to the beer cooler. She heard a six-pack smash as it hit the floor, beer spraying all over the chips and candy, and then he grabbed another, barely able to hang onto it and she reached for the phone and dialed 911. She whispered to the voice on the other line what was happening and they said don’t worry, don’t confront him and the police would be right there. They took their sweet time getting there of course and she tried to keep the guy there as long as possible. He just wanted the beer honey, he kept muttering over and over again. Gotta get some to take home or Helen will have his nuts on a platter. She didn’t know who Helen was, assumed girlfriend or wife and really didn’t care. His bloodshot eyes stared at her like wet glass, his lips slurring the words and his aggressive nature raising her hackles. Just gimme the beer you stupid bitch, I gotta get home before she does, he spewed and she just stood there looking at him, he threw a twenty at her which blew back off the counter and onto the floor. She leaned down to get it and as she rose, saw him leaving through the door. He got into the car through the passenger side for god knows what reason, shimmied over to the driver seat and put the car in gear. The car lurched forward and smashed through the front glass, sending shards and two liters and chips flying everywhere and she screamed and ducked behind the counter. She told the cops what happened, as she stood there still shaking and waited for the manager to show up so she could get the hell out of there. An hour later she finally made her way to her car in the back lot and just sat there shaking. Asshole could have killed me, she thought and slipped out of the parking lot as a news crew came through the entrance. Not tonight she laughed, not tonight. Don’t need my 15 minutes of fame, just wanna go home thank you. She looked both ways and pulled out.

The local liquor store was open till 2 and she pulled in. Her hands still shook on the steering wheel but she figured she deserved a little treat tonight, walked in and bought a bottle of fruity Sangria from the cooler, paid for it and headed home. Yeah, gonna be a tough night to sleep she said as she tapped on the paper bag, but you’re gonna help me. I’m sure I won’t have to work tomorrow…good, a day off would suit me perfectly she said.  She unlocked the front door and walked in quietly. Michael and Sheldon might be out, a Friday night and all she said to the silence as she grabbed the bottle, twisted off the cap and poured herself a tall glass of red fruity wine on ice. Nice night to sit outside she thought and walked out onto the back porch and settled in to watch the stars. Yeah, just what I need, peace and quiet, and she took another sip.

Michael walked in the front door and rubbed his eyes sleepily, glanced at the clock and saw the bottle of wine on the counter. He sniffed the contents, wrinkled his nose and sat it back down, pouring himself a glass of sweet tea instead, he drank it in almost a single gulp turned off the lights and then started to walk through the living room to head for bed. The pot Frankie scored for them at the party had been pretty damn good, he could still feel the effects and laughed in the dark. Yep, gonna sleep like a baby tonight he said as he began to walk up the stairs. He knew his way in the dark and walked carefully up each step, knowing where they creaked and avoided those particular spots. He was out longer than what he was allowed and didn’t want to get caught breaking curfew, there was another party tomorrow and he was gonna be there come hell or high water. He made it to the last step before the ghostly form in white came hurtling through the darkness at him, his mouth open in a terrifying scream as he fell backwards, his back twisted in a sinister way as he landed wedged in the wood where the stairs turned. His eyes wide open, but no longer seeing. The joke took its victim like planned. Sheldon sat above in the shadows, quietly turned and walked away smiling. Yep, somebody may be hurt, maybe this isn’t a good idea and he closed the door and slipped into bed.



Out and In

Clouds above shuffle across the skies

moving past the yellow rays of warmth

settling on the thoughts with a cool fervor

and we flow along with the mood

out and in to the moment.

Life still goes on regardless

and we sway in our words as they cloud our mind

picking and choosing each perfect piece

cotton candy sweetness comforting

as back they move once more

circling around as if to say pick me

and we ponder the meaning,

the feeling

and we grab them all together and throw them in the air

seeing what falls first into waiting hands

content with the confetti sentences

we rub them with our magic crayons

exposing what lies below

what is now uncovered

we look up to see the waiting sun

and feel the warmth once more

move out and in.

The right things


Sometimes the right thing finds you,

Beautiful things that speak to the soul

And we are enamored with these little things

And they become a part of who we are,

Another thing that brings peace and smiles.

A new find for the blue room that hubby let me buy today at the Venice Mercantile.



And we fly

We never knew how except in our thoughts,

how to step into that place filled with hope and light,

yet we knew the magic was in there

and oh, how we searched high and low

not sure exactly what it was we were seeking,

just that we knew that somehow it was real.

The happiness and joy of our yesterdays

floating our love like balloons on strings

watching as it tagged along wherever we went

and being dismayed when we found it had escaped.

But the best kind wasn’t tethered,

wasn’t held tightly,

but set free to follow when it was ready,

but even then it didn’t follow

and we looked high and then low

wondering what has happened,

where has it gone?

Then one day we peered into the looking-glass

and find to our surprise,

it was always there, not following

but a part of

a piece of our beings that shone so strong

and we wanted to lock it up lest it hide away again

and as we tried we saw the light dim

for it didn’t want to be hidden

and it didn’t want to be held down and kept like a dog on a leash

and so we uncovered it

we showed it to everyone with each smile we gave

and we shared it with others

because as that happened,

it began to shine even brighter

almost blinding us and that joy,

that laughter and happiness overcame us

and we knew then that as long as we kept doing this,

it would keep rising higher and higher

and it was carrying us along with it

and we flew so high

with no fear anymore of letting go what was our true nature,

for we now knew the magic

and we soared.

awesome image taken by my friend Steve at a balloon fest somewhere in NY ❤

Do you remember?

The waves washed into our bodies

we laughed and splashed knowing no fear

building our castles on fragile ground

not caring if they were washed away or not

for we would do it all over again,

it was part of our game

our knowledge of life still innocent

that nothing is permanent

but we had each other

and that’s all that really mattered.

We were friends of all makes and sizes,

brought together for a week of escape

from parents and family and the need to please,

and we bunked down together telling stories

of what it was like where we were from,

and we laughed and cried

but we didn’t judge

for we didn’t know what that even was.

But somewhere perhaps we knew

as the time came for goodbyes

and hugs and tears and “I’ll promise to write” were shared,

and we knew as our parents watched,

we could feel the shift, the change as they eyed each soul,

making their decisions on looks alone

that “come now, let’s get in the car and go”

and “yes, you can call when you want”

but our carefully penned lists

with names and birthdays and numbers and such

one day disappeared leaving us dismayed

to hear “well, maybe they’ll be back next year”

but we didn’t go back

’cause there was someplace better,

with kids our kind,

did it start then? The change of mind made for us

though many never latched onto the ideals,

secretly holding that secret tucked away

that “maybe someday I’ll see her again,”

and the happiness will fall right into place,

“will she remember my name? and will she still want to play?”

and I wonder if I saw her now

would she sit down in the sand once more

helping to create a masterpiece like we once knew

before the tide of adulthood and darkness of heart

swept it quietly away.