Moving senses

I came here to this place of peace, as the water was still, calm as glass with no hint of a wind. The clouds moved in and out of the view of the September sun and I stood alone as tiny ripples moved around my legs, my reflection in the blue green water comical with the big straw hat and white t-shirt to save the shoulders from the rays glare. Sunscreen slathered on my legs…yet somehow in my eagerness I forgot my arms….

I laughed aloud as I walked slowly in the water, looking up to see if anyone had heard but no one was close enough and so I just stood there glancing into the water around me for more treasures. A group of thin silver fish flitted around my legs, as if they were not used to something being there, perhaps as if two small trees grew in their path unexpectedly and so they moved around as their eyes peered up into the giant above them, wary yet moving forward none the less. I looked up as I heard a strange noise and saw a tall bird standing there on the sand watching me. A great blue heron. I think perhaps he thought I was a fisherman, with my plastic colander and plastic bag in my hand, and he thought that I’d throw him a snack, but alas I came only equipped with a few shells and a hundred teeth in a bag. He moved on after awhile and was soon replaced with a smaller replica, and then another and later, another. All different but all curious as to what I was doing there, ankle deep in water as I bent and plucked, reaching for the pointy teeth that I came for.

I gave them no notice after that, content with the notion that they wouldn’t ambush me from behind and continued on my back and forth duck in a shooting gallery ways, looking here and there and coming away from the two and a half hours with the largest haul yet. A woman was there doing the same as I, but she wasn’t interested in the teeth, just fossils. She told me about horses teeth, alligator pieces, etc….and my mind kept wondering why there would be horses teeth in the ocean, let alone alligator. I didn’t ask, just merely chatted for a moment and then kept moving on. I let my thoughts wander while I was here, as I always do and was constantly surprised by the twists and turns they took. I couldn’t write here as it’s a bit hot for the tablet, and now knee deep in water technology and H2O don’t play well together, let alone the 90 degree heat, and I suppose that was okay too. This moment was meant for being at one with the motion of the ocean, for letting my thoughts move where they wished to, and for just breathing in this amazing moment. The clarity of the water, the blue of the sky, and the finds that had surfaced after days before, Hermine had turned the water to the color of mud. Things resumed to where they always had been, and without the waves you could see the bottom the ocean and the shells and fish below so distinctively.

This place gives me peace, and seems to give it’s gift when most needed. I wish I could share it with you, perhaps in reading this you can get the sense that you are here too. Close your eyes, slip into the warmth of the water and enjoy….and don’t forget your sunscreen. I’ve a great farmers tan to show for my time….now I just have to get those shoulders some color. I am striped…..and laughing about that too.

Peace and blessings.


19 thoughts on “Moving senses

  1. I’ve been on and off a bit lately, filling out job applications takes a bit of time, and then of course I must take time for the beach too 🙂 glad you could stop by and read a bit, I appreciate it as always 🙂 peace and blessings, Kim

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  2. I could definitely lose myself there, no doubt about that. Goodness… Always visually satisfying.


  3. Sounds heavenly. I’m perplexed and curious about the horse and alligator teeth. 🙂

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