Sixty years have now gone she thinks as she sees it from afar. Ready to move, she gathers her strength and taking one step at a time, she is suddenly aware of each sensation pulsating through her, she feels the grasses brush her legs, smooth and soft, unlike that night so long ago. As she had run for fear in the dwindling light, when these green weed braids had whipped at her battered legs, scratching, cutting her, like his hands had felt on her, harsh and unforgiving. She stops suddenly, gathering her breath in, realizing for a moment she had forgotten to inhale. I can do this she says aloud and takes another step. There is nothing to fear anymore, he’s been dead and gone fifty years, but this, this place still needs to be dealt with. She remembers how she used to love it here, until that afternoon, the eclipse had called her to come here but she had thought she’d be alone, she had no way of knowing differently, but today is today and then is over. Today is the day she finally closes the space and makes peace. Slowly she makes her way, her hand shaking on the weathered wooden cane in her hand and she stops as she reaches the stones she used to touch so lovingly. Her castle Avalon, her place of escape, which had then become her place of prison. She reached out and felt the smooth stones beneath her hands, caressing them like the face of a long-lost friend. Her heart beat begins to slow and she leans forward to peer into the window. Remnants of a long ago fire and some empty beer cans lay wasted on the floor, the smell of decay and the odd bits of trash….and nothing more. She turns to look at the view across of the hill beyond, remembering where the sheep used to graze, and the  farmers who once tended to the meadows. So much has changed she says to the whispering wind. She laughs aloud as the clouds obscure the sun, reminding her in a way of that day, when the sun hid behind the moon, when her heart was broken and hidden away for too many years. She had been weak but now she was strong. She wasn’t that 14 years old child anymore, she had learned to build her walls, stone by stone made strong by determination that came late in life. This was the last stone to place. She was no longer Broken and she smiled and turned away.

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Thursday photo prompt – broken #writephoto

This is my first stab at one of these photo prompts, hope you enjoy.


21 thoughts on “Broken-#writephoto

  1. Thank you Noah, I went with the first story that come to mind when I saw the photo….a fun story to write and closure from the past left her not broken any longer but whole…a good way to have it be I thought. Peace and blessings and thank you for taking the time to comment, it means a lot to me. Kim


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  3. Powerful! Sometimes it takes those stones to close up a forbidding memory.

    And in some sense, the Wall-Of-Text, though it was hard for me to read, is a poetic device in itself here!

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  4. Of Course! ❤ I might pick your brain about ping backs. My brain doesn’t grasp the concept. If only it were dark chocolate, then I could figure it out.

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  5. Now now, you need a positive attitude….think as if you’ve already been accepted and you will be surprised…..I used to manifest a lot but been in a bit of a funk lately….have two in the slush pile already thanks to you….it’s funny because when I force myself to write, I find I don’t enjoy the piece as much, word press is more of a channel and flow kind of writing and I enjoy it, it works best so now when I get to the point of a piece, I note it and save it to slush…..but yes….will come up with a spoken piece for you my friend within the next week….you are such a bad influence ya know! Ha, and, you’re up early too I might add….do you sleep ever?


  6. You better be. I am organizing to begin a campaign of submitting to various venues. I want to make it a habit, so if I get things set up, I can make it ongoing.
    Most paying publications don’t accept previously published (including blog) so I will make a slush pile. Problem is I don’t know if it’s any good till I post it. Now I won’t know until months later when they’re rejected. 😁

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  7. Thanks Sue,
    I went with the first thing that came to mind. I shall have to be a regular now…seems to be that I did it right, not sure if the ping back thing worked or not. Yay, I’m so glad you enjoyed it😊thanks for the challenge, I did enjoy it.💜

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  8. Good morning and thanks Sheldon,
    It was fun to do,
    Trying to challenge myself a bit
    And even up before the sun this morning😊☀️
    Peace, love and Happy Sunday,
    Someday you’ll see my comments
    Do you go through the WordPress App?
    Or do you search engine it through the Internet.
    Peace, love and pizza….👹


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