The Gate #writephoto

Day after day she walks through these stone walls.

Her portal to the past,

her home forever,

as the cold stone has gone green and mildewed from the hundred years past,

she has watched the changes,

met the others and found her place.

She knows these gates by heart,

the smooth feel of the metal against her hands

and the memory of the first night she had come.

The moon was hanging so high above in its penumbral state

watching her like a silent eye above,

mocking in its glistening way

as she moved through the mist

knowing she would return

time and time again.

For she was a piece of this puzzle,

as she realized this, iciness of doom sent a shiver through to her soul

and as she saw the hole standing and waiting before her

she knew there was no turning back.

In the coming of the day the sun peers through,

shadows cast long by the bars of the gate

leaving a prison sense to the headstone in view,

the words worn smooth by her ghostly hands that caress it,

her name barely discernible to those who wonder as they walk by,

who was this young girl,

for only numbers of years remain

gone too soon they shake their heads,

walking away on their passage to the next stop.

She watches regardless,

content in knowing she will not be seen

for she is now the keeper of the gate

for her eternity.

Join in the fun and stop in to see Sue (see link below) for the directions and run with it from there. This is my submission this week.

Thursday photo prompt – Gate – #writephoto


22 thoughts on “The Gate #writephoto

  1. I’ve been enjoying these prompts and just letting the story unfold..using the first thing that comes and I wasn’t sure if it made much sense but went with what rose up, I’m glad I did…didn’t want all gloom, needed a somewhat happy ending😊glad you enjoyed and have a great day my friend😊💜

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  2. Yes to all that. The good thing about stone is that although it is cold, as you said, it heats up in the sun. And ‘she’ must have known its warmth.

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  3. Sounds awesome to me…I gotta pop in a follow by email….too many in the will get lost in the shuffle…if I unfollow and refollow, that’s why😊💜 look forward to checking it out😊

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  4. LOL! There is a universal wavelength so that’s very possible. When you visit my blog look out for Ron’s Time Tunnel. He’s the cousin I’m talking about.
    And yes–job hunting sucks! Let’s go ahead and agree that you have now caught one! LOL!!!

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  5. Thanks Lady G…I won’t tell anyone I promise….perhaps were on the same universal wavelength…..although I’m not writing a book on that…creativity must run in your family…I need to visit more….applications and job hunting sucks😊💜

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  6. I withdrew it because I think the website wanted you to register, and Im not about to ask people to go thru that sort of hassle. Though I very much appreciate it 🙂 (did you have to register?)

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  7. My cousin is writing a book that is based on a premise very similar to this. It’s rather amazing actually.
    The imagery here is just beautiful. You’ve done a marvelous job with this prompt.

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  8. Thanks Morgan, it was a great image for the prompt and I’m enjoying this change of pace…and voted by the way too😊 but your post disappeared😊


  9. Thank you, yes I agree with the horror thing, I adore the idea of ghosts and such and he gate was inviting but I imagined it at dusk and what story it would tell….I’m glad you enjoyed it, these are fun prompts to do, stirs the mind pot up a bit😊

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