Whispering mind

In solitary places somewhere deep within

the mind whispers thoughts

remembered from somewhere,

a place beyond the realm we comprehend,

though we know the reality

is as true and strong

as the beat of a heart in joy.

I woke to the song in a place of echoes

guitar strumming softly in a deep state of bliss

and as I stepped into the moment of self,

aware of the darkness of the room in morning

I sang along to his words

sweetly like a serenade

the rhythm moving me forward into a new thought.

I walk the steps like each day that came before,

of each that will come after,

moving through this life while beyond

the thunder hangs like a constant call

rumbling through the blue skies

creating the sense of more to come,

and we watch the skies move through their paces

and the mist settles softly like a seed

blown loose off of dying summer weeds

coming to rest on my mind

still whispering the words

to forgotten songs gone.

Fall waits for her moment to rise

and the depths of seasons come to pass yet again,

but here it is the same,

warmth fills the soul

and the sun finds me sitting here

as my head moves in a silent symphony

and tonight as I lay down to sleep

perhaps a new lullaby will take the place

and I will awaken refreshed

beneath a fading moon

and morning will be cool to the touch

and I shall know that it is time

for letting go of yesterday.



14 thoughts on “Whispering mind

  1. thanks Kat, been taking a bit of a hiatus here and there, recharging the old batteries and so on….feels good and I’m glad you enjoyed my dear friend, peace and love to you 🙂 K


  2. I often wonder if at times I write to heal myself😀 sometimes it even works and Hank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it…hope to,get a piece done today…been a lazy bones😊💜

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks JoAnna, been locked out of WP all night, glad you enjoyed it💜💕peace and love and listening still to the songs of the mind. Always, K


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