Broken pieces

Moon flickers off the hues of nature

pieces washed ashore from a thoughtless sea

I hold worn life in tired hands

smoothly stroking the remnants left behind

from anothers’ carelessly thrown away vessel

broken by a hundred storms

now safe at rest in a box tucked in deep.

My mind rests amongst the edges

no discernible cut to see,

worn smooth like a worried sandbar chafing

over and over again

tossed and turn by the whims of the waves

and I know I am like each one,

softened through time

no longer a semblance of a former self,

not so transparent

yet still allowing the light to shine through

like a stained glass soul

I sit amongst those of my kind

brought together to be here now

and I find the peace in the piece.

There is beauty in the brokenness of these souls,

each a story from somewhere

torn apart by time and space

yet still remaining whole

and still so very beautiful.


“I told you that we could fly, ’cause we all have wings but some of us don’t know why.” INXS playing on IHeart radio…inspiring the thoughts….and yes…I collect sea glass….very few to find these days due to plastics but I suppose that in itself is a good thing? Peace and blessings. K ❤



27 thoughts on “Broken pieces

  1. Good morning fivesc, wasn’t sure if I responded or not, been busy here lately but I want to thank you if I hadn’t already, peace and blessings, Kim 🙂


  2. Hope it will be a better fit than the previous flock,
    I will email around or before lunch…something to look forward to if nothing else.
    Always on my mind, and as always I think my prayer beads are super shiny from use young man….peace and above all, love, K💜 Breathe in, breathe out and sleep well sir😊💜


  3. Thank you so kindly Mother Willow, that means so much to me, your haikus fill me with bliss, and are inspiring….I need to comment more but have been having issues with WP throwing me into spam…..peace and love and thank you, wow, I consider it high praise😊💜Kim

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  4. You are worth a million to me….and that my friend I don’t say to many…if any….yes, we will talk….I shall email tomorrow mid morning….I hate that my comments don’t show so I’ve stopped..but I know where to find you…enjoying the images, the words, and he thoughts provoked😊 Peace, love and good evening. The K effect.

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  5. I think that’s what I love best about life, finding beautiful pieces and knowing and wondering who tocuched it many years ago, etc… far did it travel… art…if only they could talk. So glad you enjoyed it and tHank you💜

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  6. Very neat… I was wondering what the pieces were. Washed ashore glass has a particular quality and beauty. And a minority amongst the plastic. Glass. Shark teeth? Sea shells maybe? What else?
    Enjoy the beach Kim.

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  7. I knew you would, finding inspiration in my morning reads today…you send me on tangents but that’s a good thing. Took a break for a day, much needed, back now though, and praying all is well with you…I do so want a Jack watch😊💜 Peace and happy hump day. Stay safe, be well…will talk soon😊☀️

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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