The right things


Sometimes the right thing finds you,

Beautiful things that speak to the soul

And we are enamored with these little things

And they become a part of who we are,

Another thing that brings peace and smiles.

A new find for the blue room that hubby let me buy today at the Venice Mercantile.




13 thoughts on “The right things

  1. I used to on weekends, had to drive in to orchard park every day for work…horrid in the snow, always lots of that to be had. I guess down here, this is a record hot summer and we survived our first hurricane….hoping for no more to find us here on the gulf. Peace love and enjoy the warmth 🙂 ❤ K

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  2. used to live in Holland NY (close to Buffalo) we moved down here to sunny FL in March permanently….don’t miss it up there as you await the chill of winter that awaits seemingly daily 🙂 glad you have sun….I’ll send you some more so that fall lasts a bit longer ❤


  3. I love when I find something that touches me unexpectedly and it’s cheap enough to buy…they had a small old typewriter too but I can’t afford 198$ for that, I’m not sure if they even sell ribbons anymore😊💜 happy Sunday Helene😊💕


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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