Life sweetness

We come to a season of changes,

tucking ourselves away in our fortress cocoon,

tiny spaces where we linger with our thoughts

as the air cools to the remembered touch

the honey still runs in the warmth

like the river of gold goodness.

The morning skies reveal the blessings

amber slips through the sheets of clouds

as we awake and peer beyond the view

of our moment of now we wonder

what pleasures the day will bring.

Sweetest life in these days of less light

waiting for leaves to fall that cling so tight

and the pumpkin beneath the palm

still doesn’t quite seem right

but it is here

and it is what will be

as the days move closer to visits and birds

flying down to seek the warmth

from their frigid ice houses

and we welcome with azure blue pools

warmth and love to soak the soul

and we will bake in the hearth

those breads and pies that comfort so well,

and we will be grateful

as we are today

for every little thing

and each change that comes

from season to season

there’s always a reason

to find peace.

Beyond the door the thunder booms

and the sun out front betrays the winds

change taking place minute to minute

and I sit here to share just a moment of life,

to bring you in to find a place to be

sit here with me

and we’ll talk awhile

or just sit in silence

watching the Autumn clouds roll by.


13 thoughts on “Life sweetness

  1. Something I just adore about pumpkins, besides everything they can make…although I think that is more about the blend of spices…we’re waiting to see in the next week if the tropical storm turns into a hurricane, cool trend this week which is most welcome. Stay warm and cozy my friend, next winter will show its freezing head☃❄️☀️peace and love, Kim 💜💕


  2. I loved it in New York, but that always meant winter was around the corner….and winter, don’t like that at all….so I’ll adjust down here and enjoy pumpkin palm views gladly😊💜🌴👻🎃

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  3. Beautiful, Kim. Thank you for inviting me in to watch these wonders with you, where I join you in gratitude for every little thing…

    Peace and Love


  4. “…and the pumpkin beneath the palm

    still doesn’t quite seem right…”

    I, too, live where the pumpkin sits beneath the palm, yet Autumn has aways been my favorite season. ❤

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