A Simple Love

She stares into the distance

searching the wires for movement

as the clouds draw in and thunder rolls

I call her name and she sees the box,

hiding from the demands

looks away camera shy.

I sit beside her enjoying the moment

as the contentment fills the soul

and lightning strikes in the distance

she turns to look at me to see

if everything’s gonna be alright

and I capture the look

the simple love and trust found

and she seems to smile then,

going back to her view

and I to my peaceful contemplation,

enjoying the change of atmosphere

yet calm in my heart

as the storm rolls by.


9 thoughts on “A Simple Love

  1. We call her our “strange little dog” as she has so many odd quirks….walking down the street she goes into a stalking mode…kind of freaks the other dogs out, most people down here have little lap dogs, Chi is around 55lbs but solid muscle. A smiling girl😊 I will google chinook and see what that breed is and if any resemblance, so cool. Thanks, peace to you and happy Friday💜😊

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  2. She reminds me some of our rescue mix (or so we thought she was a mix). We found out after she passed she was a Chinook which is rare breed. Your baby looks like Shepard but also reminds me some of Chinook.

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  3. Such a blessing to have an animal friend who knows love without question and fills you up with it. Beautiful, Kim.


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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