Red water runs

Moving menace

Fish flounder in sickening seas

Birds will die from poisoned fins

Sadness as the breath

Escapes in particles

Consuming oxygen

Killing life.

Can’t breathe here suddenly

Escape back to safer climate

Down the street and away

We are able

We run seeking shelter

If only they could too.

Went down to the jetty today to experience our first red tide since we’ve been living near the gulf, upon exiting the car, the particulate in the air took your breath away, I came home feeling sick and my nose plugged up and we were only out for about a minute and a half. It is horrible and my heart aches for the fish dead and dying and the birds that consume them awaiting the same fate a little bit in the future. Praying for it to break up and go away sooner rather than later. No swimming, no shark teeth hunting, no peace. Sigh. Not my image, googled one as my photos came out not so good, not enough time to get a good shot…couldn’t breathe.

27 thoughts on “Red water runs

  1. Yes, we left as quick as we got there, it is starting to move out/dissipate and a few beaches have reopened with acceptable levels…whatever that means 🙂 hope to go back in a few days and enjoy this time 🙂

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  2. They say it may hang out for awhile…..sometimes I guess it happens well off shore too….I hope we get a little storm, just enough to break it up and dissipate it….sad indeed. Thanks Magarisa😊💜

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  3. The beaches are closed for swimming, I couldn’t get close enough to see the dead fish but people were out on the jetty fishing, where I was, the water was splashing on the rocks so I don’t know if they were releasing the toxins as they splashed…hurt to breathe and I don’t have any respiratory issues. Hope it breaks up and disperses soon. 💦🐟


  4. Thank you Sheldon,
    Yes, so many man made tragedies unfolding it seems to be happening more frequently , natural and human….sigh, good morning and I shall email you back later after or walk and breakfast😊 peace and blessings, K


  5. It’s a horrid algae bloom, and a culmination of fertilizer runoff, sewage, etc…’s sad and toxic, it seems lately down here a lot of water issues ….preventable and sad…the lack of caring. Thank you Vinny and there’s nothing wrong with hugging trees😀peace and love, Kim

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  6. Thanks for the deep, and passionate poem. Oil spills and other environmental pollution irritate me, because theyre preventable and caused by greed.

    Im not a tree hugger, but I love the ocean and the occasional nature walk.

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  7. You expressed such dear feelings and emotions in a wonderful write. How sad to see such terrible happenings and to know it is man made too. What horrible thing…

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  8. Yuck. Jones Beach (NY) would sometimes leave me queasy at the end of a day of swimming & bodysurfing. Long time ago.

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