Changes (thoughts on a dream)

In sleep and dreams we move through acts

Like changing seasons

One to another

Fire and ice we become the part

As we watch the play of life.

Mysterious worlds we wander

Words and conversations

Digging deeper as we let go of what holds

Moving the curtains back and forth

Between measures.

I spoke to you as you walked in the sand

Going nowhere but everywhere

We laughed at the antics of dogs and birds

As we stood below a cooling sun

And it was a beautiful day

And returning we stood in ice

Slipping and sliding and wondering why

We could so easily be here then there

Or really anywhere we chose,

We watched the water pool as the melting began,

Standing in puddles in a pouring rain

Moving forward once more to find a cottage

A simple small store but magic lay inside,

Every flavor of anything we could want

and I sampled this and that

But once more settled on my favorite

So you laughed, for I never change really,

Always dependably the same

And I woke to eyes watching me

With a tail thumping in joy

And I swore I could still taste

The peanut butter and sweet chocolate on my lips

Leaving me to wonder

Was it all just a simple afternoon dream.

I love the deep fun dreams I have when I occasionally lay down for an afternoon siesta. Never any rhyme or reason to them, I guess I just longed for a Reeses…..darn….all out.

2 thoughts on “Changes (thoughts on a dream)

  1. I have them pretty much every day, you think I’d be exhausted with a mind that never shuts off, for the longest time I didn’t have them after the move, and then viola, they came back…sometimes I wonder as they seem too real😊peace and blessings my friend, dream on. K


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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