Magical waves

One thing leading into another thing

moving into a ripple effect

slipping between moments

of wonder and awe.

Words spoken leading to new paths

leading to doors that open

leaving the sorrow behind.

I sit beneath a morning sun

lost and finding the way to somewhere

and I am there though not aware

until the hand is shaking

and the words come forth spilling

and I smile at the wonder of it all.

What mysteries are abound

to move and shake the core

letting the mind tip into remembering

and believing

and seeing that what was there

is all you had asked

and you stand and shake your head

saying yeah, this is how it goes

and you take the step forward

even though you felt like you moved a step behind,

when it’s all a part of the dance

you take your place

moving along so very nicely

and tipping your hat to the sky

with a thank you sir

I’m gonna break through after all.

Thoughts on a somewhat surreal day, while visiting with my Dr for my 6 month check up I tell her with a laugh on how many applications I have filled out to no avail, so she goes out, makes a call, and hands me an address, says someone will meet me there and I finally find the place and fill out the application(for a job in the vein I am looking for) and am walked right in for an interview….my hands were shaking, I hadn’t done this in over 17 years. I hope I get the job and thinking positively I know I will get the job…may not be tomorrow but I feel quite hopeful again. Damn, what a delicious feeling indeed. Manifesting to garner all I desire in life…thank you yes indeed.

18 thoughts on “Magical waves

  1. Thank you my friend,
    I miss commenting on your masterpieces,
    Hope all is going well for you.
    Got a job I think starting in a few weeks, yay.
    So excited, part time and just my style of work
    Food demo…I hand out snacks😊 happy dancing.
    Peace and love,


  2. I most certainly will, I hope something materializes out of it, and I’m just ecstatic to have gotten in for an interview. I wish I hadn’t been so very nervous…my hands were shaking….but a blessing indeed. Thank you Helene💕


  3. It’s not happening right away, the woman I spoke with is gearing things up for down the road, I am just overjoyed at being able to make it through an interview for the first time in so many years….got me all charged up and excited. If nothing comes of it, ok and I will live with it but to have the hope again that at some point, it will happen. Peace and joy, K


  4. OMG. I remember your saying goodbye to the job you’d had for 17 years. (A lifetime!) All my very best wishes for this Kim. Remember, it’s all right to be nervous. Adrenalin kicking in. Just breathe slowly and be yourself. My prayers go with you.


  5. Congratulations! When do you start? Because, who wouldn’t snatch you up, huh? Keep us posted. .😁🙌👍👌👊👏

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