So far

We sit in our anxious complacency

So far away yet just a button push from view

Waves move in furious agitation

Stirring the fears as the ants march single file,

Higher ground or crossing the earth piece

Gathering close necessary things

Loves and memories in boxes

Holding hands and keeping calm the babies,

And the sun shines down where I sit

Aimlessly channel surfing for news

Of far off places where faces reside

And I send out prayers for relief, escape from tragedy

And I know the sun will always rise

But wondering what the coming days will bring.

We are always so powerless of the swirl and rise

As man and nature collide

We move as we often do to places higher

In thought and emotion

We wait for the end

The calm to descend

And life to move once again.

Here On the Gulf coast I send prayers out to anyone in the path of the wicked storm, stay safe and dry and blessings for little damage and a return to your normalcy soon. Peace and blessings, Kim