Do we realize in our minds that wander

blowing about on this and that

drifting out into the world to settle

where it may,

with each seed we sow

each piece of love given

we fall perhaps on loose soil souls

unbeknownst to anyone

we settle there in cracks and crevices forgotten

till some day out from the space grows

the memory or reminder

of what was there

and we wonder where on earth it came from

never realizing it went here and there

to and fro

and quite possibly was a gift from another

but also could have been planted by ourselves

as we watched unaware of where it was those thoughts drifted

until we pluck the tender bloom

and with whispered breath

spread its gift yet again.

This poem just came as a stream of consciousness thing. Hope you enjoy. The winds here are light on the West coast of Florida, prayers still sent for the rest of the east coast and to the souls in Haiti and Jamaica. Peace and blessings, Kim


14 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Hi Malctg, you are always most welcome, I enjoy my travels to the valley of the paranormal, have a beautiful night and sending peace and blessings as always, Kim😊💕


  2. Me too Michael, all good here, no damage and cooler weather seems to be around the corner. Hope all is well with you…missing you around here of course but I know you’re probably holed up with Hafiz working on your second masterpiece 🙂 be good, have fun and don’t forget, have fun. Peace and love, Kim

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  3. Hi Kim,

    Glad to see you missed the heaviest parts of the storm. Was thinking of you! Another lovely piece here… Our minds are indeed fertile landscapes for the flowering of possibility. I like when I’m happily surprised by what has taken root there!


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  4. Thank you D, I’m so glad you liked it, it was fun trying a stream of consciousness piece, just kept going even if momentarily stumped and didn’t look back till done. Peace and blessings, Kim

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  5. On the breath of the wind comes not one but life
    Simply beautiful Kim
    Good morning
    Stay safe
    Sending you all the love I can spare
    The Sheldon Perspective


  6. Hi Kim. Thought about you last night. And was wondering if the darn gale was going your way or not, but it looks like you’re all right? God bless. (Et bon week-end)


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