Pieced together

We shake them up and grab one and then another

randomly fitting them into what we believe

will make a total image

and turn them this way and that

upside down, wherever we think they belong

to make the box empty

as these thoughts fit into each other

piece by piece we create a harmony

through the rhythm of movement

one here and then one there

although we generally know what the end result will be

we often grasp and try to fit

that which won’t be made to fit

and so we keep trying

edge against edge coming together

these random thoughts that make a view

perhaps picking at it when we find time

or staying the course until done

and we sit back to survey

the finished beauty

content with our creation,

and sometimes just so happy

to be finally done.

Then we take it apart bit by bit

shelving it away to perhaps someday

revisit the project

or to give to another so that they may find peace

in the quiet fitting together

of random pieces

to create their own scenes.

15 thoughts on “Pieced together

  1. I love the peace of silence for contemplation, always the best way to see where he pieces fit, where they are needed. Thank you and I’m happy you enjoyed it. Always, Kim๐Ÿ’•

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  2. in the quiet fitting together

    of random pieces

    to create their own scenes.
    And that is life …more skilled if we are quiet enough while fitting together the pieces …very beautiful composition

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  3. It’s a different one than the first one I interviewed for…the other one wasn’t going to be ready for some time yet….so till then, took this part time one. Quite excited about it.

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  4. Good morning Sheldon,
    Always playing….gotta have fun. Friends coming today to stay till Friday, so excited…got a part time job too, life is good๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•
    Happiest Monday to you.

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