Wandering universe

I love simple days,

When thoughts spread themselves everywhere

And yet nowhere in particular,

Floating in the darkness

I watch the cool white orb of a moon above me,

Stars twinkle like the drops that fall

Off of blue water dampened skin.

I breathe in the night air

Diving below I see the lights waver from my view

And I surface from the depths

Breathing in the air

Blissfully aware.

My thoughts wander like the universe

In and out of view with the passing hours

And I toast to another beautiful day

Grateful for this moment

And watch as these words in my mind

Drift away to be realized with the light of the sun

Written and held before setting them free.

Wishes upon the stars again tonight 

Will come as evening falls upon us,

As friends reunite after too very long

We will be together

Sitting as the candles flicker

And the glistening pool waits invitingly once more

For ripples of life to move the still waters,

For love to be shared

With one another.

A tipsy turvy day has found us. A great winning football game last night and a cool night, we went swimming in darkness below a stunning moon, to awaken this morning and journey on our walk as a helecopter hovered for a half hour overhead….I know it’s not the paparazzi finding me yet again, but found later that a fatality had occurred a stones throw from our house on the Main Street. Sending prayers out to the gentleman and his family and the driver who had the right of way who must be devastated. Friends arrive from back home in a few hours and it will be so nice to spend a few days with wonderful company. My blogging will be sporadic but I should be in and out and back full time this weekend. Peace and blessings. Fall has found Florida compliments of Matthew.

Glass Jars

I love the memory of being a kid in the candy store….Sheldon is a master of good words and gives me much to think about on many occasion, stop in and visit him, enjoy💜

Sheldon Kleeman


The mind can be all works of creativity

The oasis in the desert land

An illusion of an hallucination

The fear of the next plan

A friend when you are alone

The grand departure into the great unknown

All life’s wonderment roll up into one

You could be the kid in the candy store

Just looking at the shine of all the glass jars

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