A scent of peace

I turn each yellowed page,

tattered and dog eared and loved by someone

I do not know

whose hands held this

and perhaps they too,

fell into the spell of words and stories

becoming at one

with the old leather

as they pieced through

perhaps finding themselves a part

of someones world

for just a little while.

The scent rises from the pages

yesterdays spent in unknown places

gathering dust on a shelf

and waiting for my fingers to pull it out

and open to find the magic

of a sentence that calls me

like a lovers whisper

a quiet plea to carry it away

to sit with it a spell

and breathe new life into the tired parchment,

to let if live once more in a mind

and perhaps to become a cherished piece

until I grow weary

or fade away into dust

and it once more will journey

into a tired shelf waiting a new touch,

wanting to be learned

to be heard

and loved once again.

19 thoughts on “A scent of peace

  1. Thanks Eliza,
    So glad you enjoyed it, I love thrift stores for just that reason, old book finds amongst so many just waiting to be loved and devoured by greedy minds waiting for amazingness on each page💕😊

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  2. I know, I really don’t care for reading on a tablet, I want to touch pages, bookmark favorite passages or highlight for future use when needed, and the heavenly scent, priceless💕😊

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  3. Yes indeed MarDrag, old books worn with heavy use, the scent of them, priceless and the memories like you described, are always the sweetest blessing💕 I’m glad you enjoyed it, peace, Kim

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  4. Thank you Tre,
    I found a great little poetry book and it just has that great old book smell, it was published in the 70’s so it’s almost as old as me😊 will be sharing some quotes from it today too😊💕

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  5. So lovely! For me, nothing could replace the scent and feel of a treasured book. Any book, to be honest. This brought back a vivid memory of the first book my Aunt gave me when I was young, thus beginning my passion for all things booked and reading. I still have it, lovingly sprinkled with dust on the shelf. A sweet memory. Thank you!

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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