They linger in memories

Old days long gone yet still here

Gathering in my mind

Each day that passes by

Two entities breeds apart

Here always side by side

Enriched lives we lived

Remembering with love.

Our prompt today was today was to do an acrostic and my subject matter for friends was our dog Zip (why I’m known as Infinite Zip for you new comers) and his buddy Meep (aka Fat Squishy cat). Both our fur babies are no longer with us but I like to hope they are somewhere together, just hangin’ out and having a good time like the old days.

For the love

We took our time

slow and steady over the low warmth of life

stirring again and again

watching as we thickened into something

soft and smooth and beautiful.

We grew above us a barrier

thick yet velvet to the touch

knowing below there was so much more,

carefully peeling back the layer

to allow the scent and texture

of love to move slow and steady

diving into the ecstasy of life

we found ourselves in the thick of love,

blissfully aware of each bite,

sighing as we knew the end would follow at some point,

so we took time

moving slower and slower

savoring each little bit

scraping the edges for remnants

never wanting it to end.

Thoughts of life and the pudding I loved as a child. Cooked slowly and once done, would develop this thick beautifully smooth to the touch skin. Sometimes we would take off the skins as it cooled so that it would recreate new to replace what was gone and then we would dive into the delightful concoction. I kept seeing life like that pudding, and love. I suppose anything can be metaphorically linked to good things we remember….for me today, chocolate pudding. Don’t ask me why, it just wouldn’t leave my thoughts so I guess I had to share some with you. Enjoy each bit my friends…I think I need to go make some pudding later….mmmmmm ❤ Perhaps with some whipped cream too, just because.


Lingering light

Our lives flicker in the lightest winds

like candles perched on water

moving with the tides,

We glow on darkest nights beneath

the moon above that aches to be full,

we sit quietly in the moment

watching as time slips past

and the wick falls below the place

where it can hold ground,

a dying sound as it fades away

and we are left with only the beam

of the orb at night

grand white circle moving slow

as we too grow weary,

making our way to the comfort of sleep

dreaming of tomorrow

and a thought of eagerness to see

a full sight of the universe.

This is for the Daily posts prompt candle. I haven’t done these in a while and thought I’d jump in again and attempt some prompted poems. Hope you enjoy.