Empty Spaces

Will I find myself here

the place where empty spaces meet the sky

and the eternal colors blend

as life passes softly by.

Will I remember many years from now

when the tides rise and fall

leaving my memory filled with gaps

where I know nothing at all.

Will I return to these shores once more

when the winter winds blow

bitter cold bites the face where wrinkles lay

and all I love lay down below.

Will there be the day of peace

a day like this day when we stood and gazed

to see the edge of sky and water meet

breathless and simply amazed.

A Painter’s Song

A poet I’ve recently found, loving what I’m finding on Phils site. Stop in and take a look around, be lost in his words and worlds. Peace, Kim

Think About It

I once travelled a busy road,

Multi-colored, painted with swirling hues of orange and gold.

That road is closed now,

Sallow grey, cracked and broken from the weight of time.


My road today is a lonely trail,

Blue and red brush strokes tag the landscape like bad graffiti.

I work that road each day,

Burnt umber, wracked and rutted from the salty winter rain.


Fitful sleep disrupts my dreams,

Pink and purple tinges promise light through my window pane.

Restless nights are mine,

Colorless and starved for warmth, I tug at a blanket too thin.


I long for a new causeway.

Calming shades, trimmed in glossy white, frame the path.

That bridge is around each curve,

Solid blue sky meets the road, humming softly beneath my wheels.

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