A bit of glitter

Still waters beckon to dip toes

Shells in piles as the tiny waves meander in and out

A bit of glitter dons the sea

Gifts from the sky.

I know there will be a peace found here

As colors of the water lull my mind

Blue-green hues speak softly to me

As I escape into the sweetest moods.

Clouds dapple the skies yet azure reigns supreme

Where shades blend and meet in the middle

Like quiet rooms where the heart lay

Adrift in sea spray theme

Gentle moments soothe.

Yesterday we took a short stroll down Blind Pass key, hard walking with so many tiny shells and the water lapped areas allowed the toes to sink so far into the sand…still a beautiful beach, but then I find most are. I’m kind of biased that way….need more beach days for sure, it’s been too long. Peace and sand, K