Beautiful Day

We move through the haze of the day-to-day

locked in the world barraged by the mad

the sad

the desperate

the hate

and I sit in the darkness of the morning

aware of the light that will soon rise

and give prayer that it falls down upon

the empty souls.

I gaze at the clouds above my head

perhaps seeing symbols and images

anything that strikes my fancy at the moment

the happy

the light

the carefree

the love

and I feel so very blessed as I stand below

the great creation that is,

to give thanks for a beautiful day.

How often we just move

robotic and not so fluid through each moment

when one small change can move mountains

and one smile can bring joy,

but to take that step, that leap

now that is what must happen for the change,

the gift of embracing these days

and to turn them into what they should be

as we shape-shift cloud thoughts

and move them into creation of self

with the gifts we have received,

that we give thanks for what it is that brings lightness,

that we give prayer for healing

in this not so nice world,

I turn away from the darkness

and embrace the light I find,

where I find it

and then give it away

to those in need,

because I believe in better days,

one hour, one minute at a time

I will wait

and I will be gifted this second, this day,

this beautiful time I am in

as I choose it

it shall be.

I choose today to spread joy and happiness in this world where I awaken to darkness each morning, where we go through the motions of living meager lives just accepting that it is what it is. I am choosing to seek the light within myself, to give pause and be cognicent of what I am doing with each moment I am given, what food and amount I am eating (not ingesting purely for the sake of it), and this week has been a wonder. Just changing little things, going for a walk after dinner with the girls to watch the goings on in the neighborhood and feeling the cooling night air surround me, I’ve lost a pound and a half after losing nothing for 7 months (almost 8). I feel good, I’m having fun because it’s what I choose, and turning off the negative news as that is what I also choose. Life is good. Spend time wisely, put down the Facebook and the games and look within to deal with what’s there, instead of escaping the reality. Two weeks without, getting writing done, waiting for the job to take off and ready to fly my friends, so very ready! Join me, what have you done to change things up in your life to bring more joy in this time? Peace and lots more peace, Kim