Our human clocks wind down
Sun hides below the edge of our vision
eclipsed moments as two circle round each other
trying to find the balance
as the calm settles.
Just another day moving past us
and we moved and shimmied our ways through
things that needed to be done
mopping and slopping
and a quiet meandering walk with the girls
as the neighborhood settles
neon glow in windows and open garages
and its so very simple
as we all go about our days,
as the muscles relax into the comfortable places
familiar spot on the end of a couch
and the Cubs have their moment
with the energy so palpable
and I sit here
unwinding like a little spring
that found itself wound too tight
but now is the time
tuck behind and find peace in the hours
where the dark throws its shadows
like a fast ball not noticed
until it had passed.
I listen to this silence,
a new art found,
just listening
not speaking for it’s easier to
and to not load the bases
but to just let it all go,
to not add ego into the mix
for nothing is worth losing the peace
and tomorrow will be another day
so these words said will once more
hide themsleves away in their glory
awaiting life at another time
when the sun is eclipsed by the moon
and strength will be had
old superstitions and anger will falter
into emptiness
for that is the way
of this soul.