We are but ghosts of our unknown selves

mysteriously drifting with timeless stealth

apparitions of our former lives

caged, entwined throughout our life

we slip the bonds of tired thought

and move to places we’ve often sought

while floating on high we find our course

and disappear into nothing voids of the source.

We give away the best of worlds

within imagining endless source

till the cup is empty

the well runs dry

it is only then we begin to try

to find our way back on the road of us

we take each step on this endless path

and gaining ground we sometimes fail

in lessons learned we still prevail.

The spirit strength rebuilds the shell

where a magic lived that we had heard them tell

and we close our eyes and see anew

a beautiful moment of truth shine through

and so close to source we begin to feel

each birth, each death

each good and bad

and in between the thoughts we’d had

we finally stand and take our place

whilst gowned in our redeeming grace.

10 thoughts on “Grace

  1. The title describes your brilliant poetry. We can expect to falter in this life, but the strength to overcome those challenges comes from within our flawed but resilient hearts. Truly graceful words and message, Kim! xo

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  2. Its a Blessing and a curse when that happens….if only because you usually end up cursing until you’re able to write the blessing LOL 🙂 Im glad they stuck too!

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  3. Awww….but if I left it at one line…who would read me 🙂 ha, thanks so very much….it came to me and I rushed to get a post started as the computer was being a snail…thought I’d forget it before it booted to where it needed to be. Glad I remembered it….drifting thoughts that stuck 🙂 ❤

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  4. As Ever, Kim, this is wonderful to read and speaks to my spirit 🙂 It was that first line though …very powerful all by itself !


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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