We are world travelers 

If even on a short jaunt into empty space

We are moving it

Shaking it out,

Each step we take on the journey

Going to where the stars lead

Besides the water that soothes

Searching for the pieces lost

Somewhere along the way.

We are anomalies of ourselves

A portrait painted by imagination

Fed on the fuel of what is given

And we starve at times,

Cleansing by choice the poisons,

The toxins built up of hate and madness

And we pray for the right choices to lead

Knowing really there is only one voice,

The gift given lying within,

Trickling out on ears that tune out

That which is pleading to be heard,

Yet to hear means change

And the emptiness has become a part of us,

Woven into the fibers

Packed into satchels 

For the journey to another day.