Each story

Woven through the fabric of our days,

Two sides to each tale,

heads and tails easily seen-

We have those priceless moments,

A child’s smile,

A single flower that blooms unlike others,

We are silver and gold

Oft times left behind waiting

Perhaps lost in the hurry

Or tossed away not needed,

Waiting patiently

For that someone to find us,

Picking us up with a simple joy

At something special found,

Heads up we sit beneath the skies

Just waiting for that moment

When we are gazed at in admiration

And tucked away for a moment when needed.

I found you in the shadows

Gathered up along with a few more

Relics of yesterday the penny of color

Blending with autumn leaves

But more than just a single cent

I place you among the special pieces,

Old silver and stones

My gatherings that I can hold

Feeling the energy of each being that held you

Before you became mine,

Loving you because you are here

With me.

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