I will dream in fields…

I will dream in fields-

they lay before me behind closed eyes,

dappled with daisies and buttercups

in a corner of my mind where peace resides.

I will touch the delicate petals

softly as they whisper to me their tales

of spring and birth to fall and death

as they seem to smile in perfection

I will become a swaying stem.

I will be in fields of memory

with each piece I encounter of sadness

and the anger stirred in restless souls,

I will retreat to this place of quiet

where I may hear my heart beat gently

in tune with the universe around.

Here there will be acceptance

and love of the simple and forgiving

as I stand on the rich fertile soul below my feet

I will again be thankful

that I am alive

dreaming in daisies and yellow bits of beauty.