Beyond darkness

I cannot hold my hand to flame

for I know what I have been taught,

the fear of pain from such a thing

and other things

and things that I may not know yet,

nor have been taught

but within there lies a truth,

it burns like the strongest fire in my heart

held by my thoughts and feelings

in a place where emotions reign in peace.

I cannot be party to the darkness,

to stand silent even as it swirls about me

like tornados unleashed,

but I blow upon the prayers within

pushing them outward into the world

as it spins and spins some more,

as days pass I can feel that like everyday

changes will move through and if I stand

and let the flow charge me,

ripping me into the whirlpool where I would be lost

so I write words

and I find pretty pictures that encompass what I see

in my mind’s eye,

that is clearer than the two most visible,

I move beyond the darkness into the light

for that is where the calm will reign

that is where the love will be reborn again and again

and it is where I can dip my hand into pockets

that will never be empty

as long as it is filled with goodness.


Stretched and aching

Tendons in motion releasing

The clenched tightness falls

Into a loose flow,

Moving back and forth

Dance to the sky lit in glory

The motion of fluid life

Easing into the sway

Of a blessed new day.

This feeling of alive joy,

With each muscle that tells the story

Of encountering souls

As we move through this space

With kindness and a smile

We pivot and gather energy

With each step, shuffle and stretch

As the deep breaths taken

Seep down into the marrow of bones

And leave us charged

Electric and so very aware

Alive we glide

Into amazingness.

I began my new job two days ago and learning once more how to stand on my feet for six hours a day solid for the last two days, I find I’ve been sleeping so well and wake up feeling so tight, as I stretch my muscles and just feel that aching tightness drift away as  I sit now sipping my coffee and happy. I love the interaction with each person I speak to, as I hand out samples of delicious things and to see the joy as they try new things. My writing and reading my be a bit delayed but it’s a part time job four days a week, just what I needed. Spreading joy to rushed holiday shoppers in a small way. Yesterday was peppermint mocha cafe latte, I went home enveloped in the scent… peaceful and calming. Can’t go wrong there. Peace and blessings and a day of entertaining new neighbors tonight, ribs and sweet tater salad and baked beans…..oh my……๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’Ÿโ˜ฎ