Beyond darkness

I cannot hold my hand to flame

for I know what I have been taught,

the fear of pain from such a thing

and other things

and things that I may not know yet,

nor have been taught

but within there lies a truth,

it burns like the strongest fire in my heart

held by my thoughts and feelings

in a place where emotions reign in peace.

I cannot be party to the darkness,

to stand silent even as it swirls about me

like tornados unleashed,

but I blow upon the prayers within

pushing them outward into the world

as it spins and spins some more,

as days pass I can feel that like everyday

changes will move through and if I stand

and let the flow charge me,

ripping me into the whirlpool where I would be lost

so I write words

and I find pretty pictures that encompass what I see

in my mind’s eye,

that is clearer than the two most visible,

I move beyond the darkness into the light

for that is where the calm will reign

that is where the love will be reborn again and again

and it is where I can dip my hand into pockets

that will never be empty

as long as it is filled with goodness.

9 thoughts on “Beyond darkness

  1. Thank you LG, words I needed to bolster my warrior woman spirit tonight….it means so much….think I have a long night before me…but damn, I am strong, will prosper and muddle through with a fight….just don’t be posting any kudos to marriage posts or I will snap😊 haha…okay, sorry, rant over…almost bedtime….there are two spares here and I shall utilize them with pleasure….cause that’s how I roll when needed. Argh…tired and that’s that…..peace and blessings….peace above all!💕💜☮

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  2. YAY, I love company….yes, lets run to that light, even if it burns like you know what, we gotta do it and we gotta start now….even if only baby steps ❤ peace, love and light light light ❤


  3. If for only one can start the movement
    So many more to follow
    I will walk with you
    In spirit as well…….
    For the light
    Can be seen before
    Not only…….
    But in the
    As well
    As always Sheldon
    Above all Peace

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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