Beneath the canopy

specks of dust fly above like happy fairies

as I stare into the cover

umbrella of green over my head

as  blue skies dappled with clouds

waltz by like a meandering hobo,

no intention

except to move along

to the next destination.

Drops fall into my being

sticky amber fluid scented with pine

so different from the sol used to clean

I wipe into the tacky lotion

anointed by nature

at one with this moment.

The scent of dying leaves rise to greet

as feet shuffle through piles raked by the wind,

kicking about like a child I laugh out loud

heard by the ears of the universe

and the birds that take flight from the distance

speaking to me of which path to take.

Following the sounds of trickling water

as the creek lay waiting round the curve,

places I’ve been to before come back to me here

although this is all new

it is always the same

when peace is filtered through trees

capturing my heart

soothing me with its presence.