Did you know, did you feel

as I held you gently in the palm of my hand,

you, the precious pearl of my night sky,

of my dreams.

Did you feel the warmth

as my energy and yours twisted together

and we danced in an arc of beauty

rolling gently in my hand

like a bottle on the sea

lost yet searching for a home.

Did you sense me through your curtains,

tucked away shyly,

how you would peer out demurely

sweet white porcelain geisha

fanning herself with clouds,

inviting me into your circle

of illumination,

to sit and admire you

to long to know the feel of your surface.

You nudge the water to heights

washing over my legs with cool crisp salted wetness,

I taste the wind upon my lips,

licking them away I taste the brine

and you tuck away once more

leaving shadows behind

as I stare one last time as you depart,

believing for just a moment

that I saw you wink softly with a smile

as you crept below into nothingness

chased by the fire that rose to reclaim its time.