A pair

The gift has held well through time

since birth through life

no need to replace

slightly dirty and used

but content with the weight of the world

as they lay down to sleep each night.

They’ve been a part for so very long,

strong and tender at the same time,

rough on the edges from overuse

yet happy to sink down into the earth and just be.

They move along steadily

dance along with the light of each moon

keeping rhythm they rock slightly

bottoms brown but contentedly so,

we belong together, a perfect pair

since the day of my first breath

to my last they will be

taking me where I need to go,

carrying me forward in endeavors

ten little piggies in the sand

splashing in water with glee,

forever free.

I was laughing earlier as I put on my sandals and saw the bottoms of my feet. I look like a five year old that played in a mud puddle, but they went for a nice long walk this morning, tread naked on the cold tile floor and then found their way back in to the Birkenstocks that give them some support. Thought I would write an ode to my toes today. Enjoy 🙂 photo found on the internet…but very similar to real life. ❤