Changes in life

I am always amazed by the twists and turns that this wild ride called life take us on. Less than a year ago I had a job in the manufacturing sector, I was a salaried person who enjoyed some aspects of my work but hated the stress of it. After moving to Florida and taking off almost 8 months of not working I decided it was time to get back out and do something, anything for that matter. I grew tired of idly sitting by and swimming and beach going and even writing can only take me so far. I posted applications for jobs that I thought would suit me, similar in a way to what I was doing but then some that were so far removed as to be almost what I thought a bit embarrassing. I posted my resume with a company and in ten minutes received a phone call of interest. Now I’ve worked in manufacturing for 17 years, a manager at a pizzeria for 10 prior to that. I’ve worked since I was 15 years old as I was taught that I needed to take responsibility for my life, make money, get an education, etc….but I was never taught that I needed to enjoy it or have fun doing it.

Imagine my surprise now, having worked my job for two events so far and what a pleasure it is. No stress really (except for setup), and I am working at a Walmart but not for Walmart. I stand and hand out treats, snacks, coffee, etc….today will be my third day and once again am doing coffee but this time with Torani flavorings, Toasted Marshmallow, Bourbon Caramel and sugar-free S’Mores, and to go with Anna’s Ginger and Orange flavored thins cookies. I am excited lately again. I get to go to work and get paid to talk to over 200+ people each day, make them laugh and smile, I’ve even sold the product too and nothing makes me happier as when a customer circles back, holds up the box and yells over to me “I found it” and puts it in their cart. I get paid to have fun, to see smiles and yes, even to listen to the music on the overhead speakers and I dance a bit and sing to myself….and I get paid for this. Where has this job been all of my life? Now true, I’m not going to make millions but really, I have gotten to the point where if I can go to bed at night and know I did good, made someone laugh and generally had an awesome day, how can one go wrong? I had to change my mindset….get beyond the “I’m working at Walmart, sigh…” mentality and just do my best and enjoy. To be grateful and humble and truly excited to rise knowing today I’m going to see a new flock of faces and come home smelling like sweet coffee and cookies, I’ll take it. As my buddy Tre says, it’s truly the little things….and what truth that is. I’ll save a cookie for you my friends, sorry but the coffee won’t stay hot long….have an amazing day 🙂


27 thoughts on “Changes in life

  1. too cold to swim so I think work is good 🙂 even foggy tonight and haven’t been in the pool in weeks….too busy 🙂 such is life, but I’ll take it and I do love my new job 🙂 thanks and have a beautiful night Tikeetha 🙂 Kim


  2. The important part is that you like your job. I would never want to do another job that I don’t like. That is truly stressful. But, I would love to have your issues with “I got tired of swimming and going to the beach.” LOL. No way Jose.

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  3. Wow, I think that’s the most I’ve ever heard about you and I must say it is so refreshing, may I ask what the NHS is or should I google it? Yes, you are blessed and I know you weave your stories to leave something behind to your children and I’m sure they are so proud of you, I enjoy them for sure. I am enjoying my job, tonight was gelato and I only threw over just a little bit today. A lot of happy adults smiling, a good day had by all. Peace and as always, blessings to you my friend ❤


  4. Hi InfinaiteZip. After 45 years in the NHS in the UK. And did a little TV/Film extra work. Enjoy being retired doing what I want and writing about what I observe. Money has never been my priority as long as there is a roof over my head food in the belly communication with my children. Surely I am a rich and lucky man compared to so many in this society. Sounds a great job Enjoy. Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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  5. I am, tomorrow will be peanut butter chocolate decadence gelato….how can you go wrong with a sample of that? I am enjoying it totally, thank you. Have a beautiful night my friend, off to sleep for this girl😊💕

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  6. They certainly are, and it’s so wonderful to read your happiness. Lot’s of love and cookie smiles across the miles, my dear friend. 🙂

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  7. Thanks Debz,
    It is a fun job, tonight was my third night but lots of cookie loving people and down here, there are people from all over the world. Met a gent from Scotland tonight….awesome accent and quite a happy smiling guy. Life is good. Peace and blessings, Kim

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  8. Yes, yes, lots of fun….glad to be getting hours, it’s part time so I can still live my life too and write😊 priceless indeed. I am blessed😊💕


  9. Thanks Sheldon,
    Not much pay but a whole lot of fun meeting kind happy souls and feeding them good things😊 how are you? I hope doing well if not great, miss you and thinking and praying always, peace and love, K

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  10. I think I sold out almost all of their Anna’s cookies tonight, they cleaned me out, 480 cookie samples…hungry happy shoppers and another fun night. I am blessed😊💜

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  11. Oh, Kim, This is Fabulous! I can just see you thriving in this job–and especially at Walmart! I thinks it’s sent from heaven just for you and just for all those good women, men, teenagers and cookie monsters who get to talk with you each day. I can’t imagine a better corner for your self in which to find yourself! 🙂 XXX

    Lucy is now salivating, pestering me to go to Walmart. I tried to tell her Kim won’t be at our Walmart, but she’s not buying it. Help!!!!!!

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