We are…almost there.

Within each drop lies a reflection

turning inward, backward, forward into

ourselves and all we see,

we are these tiny movements

rippling out to touch the edge of something,

anything, nothing at all

as we return once more to our beginning.

Gravity moves us unknowingly

we turn, spin and begin once again

to the creation like an echo bouncing

off of the cosmic thought.

Sun and moon twirl round so slow

yet we move ever faster as if to go

anywhere, somewhere, here and there

to nowhere and everywhere in between.

To awaken with a thought that comes full circle,

like a deja vu of another time and place

we vaguely recall somewhere within

that it is where we need to be

to feel that sublime peace descend

like snow that falls on a mountain in the distance,

we know it will become the stream

which we cross over

or will move upwards once more to fall

like the gentle misted rain

that cleanses our mind

into a gentle harmony filled

with serenity.


9 thoughts on “We are…almost there.

  1. Thanks Elouise,
    just got home from work, eyes heavy and sleepy too. But a good night none the less, busy store being the night before Thanksgiving and of course I had to stand and stare at chocolate all night. Didn’t touch any of course, just drooled 🙂 peace and love and a happy Thanksgiving to you, D and Miss Lucy too of course. ❤ I’m glad you found some peace in my ripples….I done good 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much Jack, thoughts going round and back again…ripple effect, seemed to suit my mood of here, there and nowhere….sometimes that’s a good thing, go with the flow and fit in between the peace 🙂 have an amazing night, K


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