Tripping days

We move through silent like a ghost

Pondering the majestic sights

The sounds of cosmic journey tales

Sung to our ears like lullabies

As we pierce our thoughts

With new found joy.

Inspired worlds beyond our reach

We gather stores for coming weeks

And words set forth through space and time,

Tripping days go passing by.

What brings us to the edge of bliss

With midnight and a moonlit kiss

we fly higher on a moments grace

Quite thankful for the clouds of lace

That let the light from guiding stars

Remind us all how small we are

So far away and yet so close

These magic thoughts we have the most,

For what is light that passes through

And love sent forth for me and you

From far and wide we wait to know

Through the trip of days we finally go.

Pure essence

Embracing the essence of a day

pure in thought and simplicity

I wander my mind in search of places

emerald cities of the light-hearted kind.

People move about around me

eyes forward searching and here I hold

the place in my memories bank

solitude of beauty I embrace.

I need not go elsewhere for it is here,

in this place of peace where the heart beats steady

and the nightmares of yesterdays dreams

have slipped into their bottomless cracks

lost to worry

exempt from my notice.

I wander down these roads of bliss

spending time in quiet reflection

as the sun trickles down like rain

glistening between the spaces of calm

filling the cracks with abundance and joy.

I’ve been quite busy at work lately and have missed my sojourns into the writing world, so before I slipped away to the day to day, thought I would share this beautiful image and some kind words to ponder as you join me on my day of bliss. Peace and blessings and I shall be back to regular production this week. Yay, keep calm and zen on folks. K