In the heart of darkness
Each soul will rise to the occasion
Letting go of the little words that pinch,
edges grated against the shield built,
so easily we could fall once more
into the vortex which is manipulation,
once more we could cower and give in.

It takes strength to stand up,
to be strong against those who preach the prophesy
of someone else,
the unnamed face of blight,
but if not enough credit is given,
for the pool that lived within the depths for half century,
The wise shall see through the looking glass shown:

the warrior will still rise, unbroken.

For no protection is needed,
there is no maiden in distress,
there is no mind in need of salvation.

New days are on nigh,
and the clock will chime regardless
and the bell will indeed toll,
but the keeper of the madness is always very aware.
The lock and key will hold the strong fort
for the changes that will come
I have no fear.

I have learned my lessons well
and though one of few spoken word aloud,
when prompted, and provoked,
I have no need to fill your mind
with justifying babble
when only mere silence is truly due,
for One cannot be a creation built
of anothers will and constitution,
a road must be walked alone ultimately
and on that path we gather
those of love and soul
and simple like mind,
never judging,
never trying to recreate into an image,
freedom of self will rise as is the birth right to all
peace indeed always will reign
in one who believes,
who truly is fine in the skin that shelters
the essence of a good soul.

Thoughts of a mind filled with a tinge of anger tonight, but overcoming and finding the peace, for to give in to the thinking of another and take it as ones own, means to give away self, and in this new year that is drawing to a close, I am sheltering fiercly this strength and force, that I shall overcome the outer slings and arrows, that I shall be myself and no other, and that alone will afford me the peace I hold dear. I cannot, I will not, be someone other than who I am, proudly and without reserve. Looking forward to a new day, as I do each new day, new year or otherwise……gonna be a fun ride my friends, count on it, embrace it, and just be! Peace and all is good….just cleaning out the mental closet before sleep lays claim and dreams invade…always the best indeed. 💕🙏🏻☮💟💜💙💚🐾🍾💋 Happy New Year to one and all and catch you in a few hours for a thrilling new adventure in 2017. Peace and love, K✨💫 Shine on you crazy diamonds.⭐️🌟💫🌙✨💎💎💎💎💎


We look towards tomorrow

fresh eyes and a hopeful heart

treading the path we set for ourselves,

leaving the yesterdays behind us

for deep within we know that it is back there somewhere

and not a part of what lies beyond,

we tread and spread our lights into darkness

through the days we encounter

each stepping stone a lesson,

each thought a dream in waiting

to become.

Time passes as it shall

and we will move to our beat

one tick tock thump at a time

creating our vision of self

being the life of our party within

and loving that which we are.

We ponder what we would change

waiting for a day to begin

yet knowing that now is that time

to take that new path we know is waiting,

beneath the star filled sky

we reach out to touch it all,

to be a part of that which we crave

in our contented peace

we are embraced by the coming

of a new day.

Silver orb large or small,

we know it will be there

like the thoughts we know will surface

like ripples on the ponds of our lives,

we gaze into the movement

wondering at times how we made it this far,

and realizing that in a way

we’ve only just begun.

This journey keeps evolving

and our lives like the world keep turning,

so we spin in childish ecstasy,

thrilled with the feeling

of just being alive in this moment.


Always more

New stars rise up to greet

the faintest edge of the night sky

I wonder why

it becomes so bright

when memories are carried along

for the ride home.

Seems like each day we wake

to find another the skies did take

and it is no surprise when the time comes

and the journey ends

the light flickers beyond my thoughts

as it is placed amongst the others,

so many this year I say but know

it has always been this way and will be

forever more.

We chose our place to move and learn,

to reach for dreams and live our lives

and some so short

some seem so long

but it is the common thread in the end,

we all return from whence we came

diamond dust scattered to guide those who travel

and chart their course by that unremembered place,

the compass within carrying us

to the realm of the universe

and the possibility of so much more

beyond what we think it is

that we see.

Thoughts this morning as 2016 inches closer to its end course and so many people lost this year, but the journey is ours to live and to appreciate each day we are given, to follow the stars we see and move amongst in dreams. Loving this universe more with each day that passes ❤

Dancing with the moon

I stood before them

hundreds moving softly in clear water

endlessly dancing on emptiness

the moon jellies calling me to become

part of the dance

and I swayed back and forth

lost for a few moments in their movement,

swept into a place of such peace

no words could ever say

as we moved back and forth

bouncing off of one and another

this sacred moment of splendor

taking me away into a sphere of all.

Something in their softness

clear with a marking illuminating the glass

and I reached out to touch

to become one in that instant

as I felt them swaying towards my hand

I lightly touched down as if to say

I feel you through for we are simple

yet so very complex

and the dance moved away leaving me wondering

how I had come to be among them

connected in a room of strangers

yet apart in our union of dance.



We catch the stars like fireflies

caught in jars of our mind,

flickering against glass

and the tiny points of lights

left as a memory

to remind us of something we knew,

that we had tried to capture

often best zipping across the landscape

of the night sky so high.

We watch in awe as days pass us by

feeling so small in the depths of it all

and the moon lingers come dawn

hanging on long enough to touch the rays of sun

and we look away for a moment

returning to find it now gone

sitting on hillsides in our memories

the peace of the darkness lulls us forward

to dream once more of days of tomorrow

and new years to wait on

as the clock winds perpetually on

in our cosmic mind swirl of bliss

we settle in and become one

with this moment

and eager still for the next to come.

All is calm

Drifting through the maze of colors

dreams seek to squeeze the excess thoughts away

like fresh oranges and maple tree syrup,

I feel it all falling away softly

like a quiet rain,

drop by precious drop into parched soil,

I fill myself with all.

Water surrounds me

and shells of every color glint in the sun

and somewhere skies are painted

with the beauty of a creators precision hand,

dotted with the stars of a calm night.

I stand with the space around me,

boundaries of what brings me peace firmly in place,

the silence fills the air and I drift away to that sacred soil

where everything is all

and nothing at the same time.

I come here to greet the dream

knowing with each tomorrow

there will be a thousand more

for I float on those painted clouds

adrift in my mind rocking slowly

back and forth

I slip into the silence

and float away.

Wishing you a calm and peaceful Christmas Eve and a prayer that peace finds this world for a long time, a girl can dream and I shall, sending love and hope for a new and beautiful tomorrow. Merry Christmas one and all. Kim

Through the day

Eyes forward, moving

the sounds of silence broken

by wayward thoughts and a song

that plays quietly like a hum

I never knew was there.

The sounds of bells in the distance

taking me back to days spent

in tiny shoes and jackets bundled,

the breath visible on the air

but I’m no longer there

or am I.

Parallel universe of yesterday and today

flashes of memory haunt

and I welcome them in as I open the door,

gazing around to see what once was so large,

now so distant and small

but I know these walls and the window view

as I gaze ahead moving forward

to drifting back once more.

I linger in these thoughts like a paper doll,

trying on the different dresses

folding the tab over then off once more,

settling on the princess mode

how lovely is she

and I smile for I know she is me

and the young girl who always sought to become

has finally found the right fit

and tabs in place moves on down the road

and the bells are ringing round her wrist

as she sparkles and shines like fresh snow,

moving through the day she goes

new and whole.

A million dreams

My mind moves through the motions

so many words waiting to live,

so many stories waiting to be told-

you sit and watch me, my priceless gift,

waiting to be used

to be loved by a new soul,

and I hear you whispering, just try,

perhaps just once

and I smile and know that the days ahead

will see stronger fingers

and whimsy brought forth

from the keys of love

and the voice that heard my words so long ago,

has given me this special piece

in love from a father to a daughter.

Christmas made merry

as I had seen a few and wanted to buy

yet had held back wondering why?

What would be done,

and I know time will tell

as it will speak to me in its own special way,

teaching me what it needs me to know,

spelling it out

one finger touch at a time.

Not a picture of my gift but looks identical, a gift from my Father who is down here for the holidays, our first together in 45 years. A gift of love, to inspire the creative creature that is within me. Peace and love, and Yay….love it!!!!

Time passage

A thought or two thousand swirl into the vortex

images from yesterday return to view unexpectedly

and I laugh as the train derails into itself

suspended between years and minutes

as a song plays somewhere within the walls

and I move about the lines of linen

observing the instance of a bird who decorates

with bathroom love on the clean sheets

I laugh and shake my head

silly universe I think I said

aloud to the cloud who lingered

curtailing the sun and its warmth

I shook it out.

James sings with his baby face and the cat who is no longer stares

and I feel the sadness for a moment at the passing

yet know I too someday shall pass that way,

and its okay as my mind carries on

its endless parade of images and songs

I sing along for a moment and change the channel

to lighter fare

wondering why I had gone there

and summer days when twelve

as the islands filled the evening with the scent

of campfires and a marriage at twelve

to the boy down the path,

wondering where he is now

and Jack and Diane had played

and life was easy and carefree

and time was just something we knew

as something to note,

to come in to sleep and eat

the rest up to us to pursue

in endless games and swimming with snakes

that slipped in cracks in the rocks.

Perhaps it was the laundry, as I traipsed about

toes uncovered I always watch for moving things

and the wind that blew the sheet into my face

where I saw the smudged gift

that took me back in the mind machine of time

for a small fee of a smile

and a tune in my head

that won’t quite stop.

A dog’s tale of Christmas spirit

You know I love dogs, and a heartwarming dog story….an early Christmas present, albeit a little longer than things I normally put on my blog but i’m in love with this story, an amazing write from Sandysays1, Enjoy my friends, K ❤

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As is my custom, I like to present my readers with a canine crafted Christmas story this time of year. This is a new one.

The Geezer and I wish you all a very "Merry Christmas" The Geezer and I wish you all a very “Merry Christmas”

I watched the dog from my apartment window. The first time I noticed him was when I was eating lunch one Saturday. It was a blustery December day, cold, dreary … the type day best served by fireplaces, sofas with blankets, hot chocolate, and football games on the TV … not being outdoors. My apartment building adjoins the park where I saw him; that park’s lively April through October, but is as still as a mortuary in the cold Midwestern winter.

The dog was by himself, his actions rather strange for he chose to sit by an isolated park bench away from the access sidewalks that criss-cross the facility. Immobile as a statue, he faced into…

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