I saw you there in that space

between each bubble that lifted to the sky

the essence of you so light and magical

like tiny fireflies in the light

rising higher into the darkness,

you moved away before I could reach you,

I heard the small sounds on the air

like cosmic laughter

as you played your games

and I held the stem as if holding it

would be almost as good as holding you,

and you rose as I tried once more

but you had become a thousand stars

and I saw you blink for but a second

as if to say no fears,

it’s all gonna be alright.

The mirage of golden lightness carried me

through the night of tortured sleep

as I called your name

you kept deftly slipping away

like champagne tears into nothing

and the taste so sweet on my tongue,

memories of apple trees and summer sun

as the glass lay empty in my hand

the essence of you now gone,

as I looked up one last time

in time to see the lace of clouds move in,

and as the skies cried as if to say

you would return to me some day.

The sparkle of memory always stays in my mind,

as the pop of the cork releases the mood

of gaiety and New Year essences,

the nights of the universe always know when to find

the girl in the forest speaking to trees

with a long tall glass that holds so well

the line of bubbles that rises like thoughts

of a yesterday to relive once more.

For some reason while shopping today Prosecco was on my mind, to see the tiny bubbles dance in joy-picked up a bottle and look forward to the smiles, celebrations and star filled nights. Life is but a dream, but such a good one at that ❤