Nothing sacred

Life with a cat tells you……

Nothing is sacred, the Queen sleeps where she wishes, will move anything out of her way to make it “her” spot, will attack if you move too quickly so cannot be decked out for the season, yet becomes a part of it regardless. This is Smokey, and this is her new sleeping nook…..glad we didn’t put anything fragile up there. Little freak.

16 thoughts on “Nothing sacred

  1. She’s a contented little fur ball for sure. She keeps finding new ways to create chaos with the Christmas decorations…hard to keep up. Expect to see her in the tree next ❤

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  2. She scares me when I find her up on the shelf in the closet, scares the bejesus outta me every time, like a furry rat hiding up on my sweater pile that moves suddenly…aaaargh!😊🙀


  3. I know, that was bad….apologies….besides, whatever they cook smells awesome, especially at the crack of dawn….can’t wait to be invited for dinner someday. Loving the side eye…intense little monster…but if you leave her behind, won’t she give you the attitude for days after? Heck, I go to work for six hours and my beasties act like I’ve been gone for years😊

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  4. Yeah, that wasn’t nice, Kim *gives you side-eye. Hmm. We shall see about bringing her. She’s extreme, trust me. I don’t wanna get there and cannot enjoy myself because of Diva J. Lol!

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  5. The cat is usually outside…unless she’s freaked out by large birds flying overhead…no fears there….she makes herself scarce when strangers and other animals around….found her down the street the other night near the new folks house (Asian family) I keep telling her she’s gonna be chop kitty…..I know, they won’t eat her, they’re nice and have two small girls….they like the pups😊

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  6. Haha! Jernee does not like cats. I’ll have to leave her during my visit. Smokey is comfortable and I bet she was well-rested. Lol@

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  7. LOL Cats are decidedly particular about where they sleep, I agree. My Orangie must have a new place to sleep/hide every few months, with different blankets too. Spoiled little Ba$%ard ❤ ❤ ❤

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