Blue worlds

We move between places in blue worlds,

ripples on water move through my inner soul

carrying the  feelings of peace through beauty.

Skies meet where the world connects

and we drift on faded memories

music fills the space where silence lays.

We are not separate from these images

for we become a part of all we see

slipping away to glistening shores

we find ourselves always searching for more.

The answers sit on shelves in pages

and we flip each one so eager

like children aware of adventures to come,

and we fall into the dreams of light

frolicking in the waves of mood

diving under for treasure

we hold it close with love.

The thin white line between here and there

ruptured by the rays of the sun

coursing through it finds us waiting

a bounty of blessings come true.


“And it’s only what you do
That keeps coming back on you
And it’s only what you say
That can give yourself away

Underground sight and sound
Human symphony
Heard the voice, had no choice
Needed to be free”

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