Food haiku (pizza)

Large slice of comfort
elegantly dressed for me
a toast to pizza.

Hot melted cheese runs
chasing hunger to despair
deliver it please.

Round orb of delight
pepperoni and cheese please
get it here pronto.

I am always blessed
this pie that I love the best
happy meal of joy.

Taste buds will quiver
anticipation finds me
tomorrow too, please?


We settled ourselves on the edge

Balanced on the abyss of illusion

We were surrounded by images spoon fed through dreams

Landscapes of beauty

We climbed up out of the darkness

Knowing the path would finally bring us

To go this way or that.

So we settled in the middle

Feeling the trepidation ease

No hurry

No rush we sang little songs we remembered,

As we wore costumes like actors in a play

Constantly changing

Forever rearranging the furniture and props to fit,

Never realizing that it was a bit of make believe

And with the blink of an eye

It could all turn around

To be our wildest desires and dreams

If only for that moment

We could truthfully believe

That the beating heart within

Knew the secret that would be told

And our spot of balance

Would teeter totter out of control

And we would ask the stars to guide us through

Our waking worlds that never could glow

In the same way as the sweetest dreams,

We burrowed under once more

Escaping into the darkness

In search of light once more.

I had a night of amazing dreams and beautiful worlds, it’s always a bit of a let down to wake to the everyday….some days I think it would be awesome just to stay there a little longer, if only to gather more observations to bring to the light of day, fodder for writing from sleep is always fun, you never know where it will take you till you get there.