Shining through blue

Magic pieces found
everyday places trampled underfoot,
carefully lifted,
re-formed into beauty
sparkling like new
and carried away in a pocket
treasure again found.
Aspen leaf memory
dappled spaces to let light through
whimsy in shades
against glittering water
art formed from trash
set upon a shelf amongst gems
taken to heart
and given honor
not forgotten after all.
One mans treasure
another mans junk,
as it sat alone waiting for that someone
to see its worth
its value
and the sun hit it gently
a glint upon false embellishment
I returned back to find it
with a simple smile
you will be mine
to share with those of like
tossed aside
gently reborn into purpose
if only to add a small bit
of a quiet illusion
of a majestic piece
taken apart
with only this one last leaf
that fell astray
left behind,
lifting the spirit of the girl who loves
this universe and its gifts,
blessed by the things manifested
shining through blue.

I found this glittering blue(plastic decoration)leaf this morning on our walk, it sat on the edge of the road waiting for me to see its few remaining jems glittering in the sun. I held it up to the ripples of the pool and changed the filter to chrome and this image is what was born. It now sits with yellow woodstock on my desk, simple things found on travels that never cease to make me smile. Just another story of my magical finds.