Artful season

Lights strung from trees

setting magic to the night

moonlit backdrop

perfection of a view.

Ghosts of seasons passed

float in the mind untethered

kites of whimsy

behind a smile in memory.

Tis the artful season all around,

the universe of mirth has come unbound

and reaching out into the soul

singing merrily as it goes.

By morning creatures lay deflated

yet my mood is still elated

’cause I’m in a space of light and love

and nothing more I need ask from above.

An image taken/created by  Alison Belsan of downtown Venice Florida. I asked permission to use and have yet to get a reply, so till I’m asked to take it down, I shall give credit where due for this magical image and share. Busy days working, a bit behind in reading and as you see, writing, but should have some time coming up soon to play catch up. Until then, stay joyful, find peace and sharing love and blessings with you all. ❤ Kim