Simple addition

We are lit from within

one plus one plus one

infinite happiness ignited

as the flicker of abundance

climbs higher into the darkness

we feel the truth

seeing it from afar

one to another


Where there is love

let there be peace

and where there is peace,

let there be joy

working both forwards and backwards

when it’s all good

and it’s all divine

we know we can light the spark

to set this world on fire

with all of the above

and so it goes into Pi,

intersecting thoughts move

reaching one to another

we hold it on high

and sing our bliss

to all.

My beautiful Yankee candles bought yesterday with a major discount, they almost needed to be separated as the scent was so overwhelming, but once darkness set in and the flames were glowing, what a nice addition to our world. Love, Peace and Joy to you…, they didn’t have one that said Patchouli…..sigh  🙂