We are all but invisible

below the surface of what those see,

serving purpose not all know

hidden in cracks and crevices

sustaining the soul through word.

The poets purpose

gathering within all seen

the simple things felt below subconscious

we feel it like rain falling upon us

as it seeps into the places where magic is made,

we grow the seed planted

into the heart of the world.

To gaze into the soul,

stirring about the stew

we dip our spoons in to taste

the connection of earth and life

deeming it good we share with the world,

spoon by spoon yet never running dry

we churn out more beauty to sustain

in trying times we go deeper

following the roots of goodness

and cultivating the thoughts that will thrive.

Not quite sure where this came from, saw this very cool image and this is the first thing that came to mind, subconscious flow from my mind….peace and blessings and enjoy.