Words of light

Your words are a thousand rainbows

shining light into the windows within

reaching my soul in its revere

finding its mark

and creating beauty.

I sift through the pieces of days

searching for a thought lost along the way

and somewhere I hear singing

as if the heavens in their splendor

are calling to my being

believe in this moment

hold tight the joy.

I flow as if I am water on the shore,

moving in and out to the rhythm of the ocean

as Luna pulls the tides to caress

I know the soul of the mermaid

as she whiles away in her corals

her touch upon the fabric of life

beauty and bounty the gift

as sun reaches through the prism

the colors spark the view

of magnificence.

We will become what we perceive

as it bursts forth from somewhere within

out of the darkness it shall break free

and the dance of a thousand stars will thrill

as I lie below feeling a part of the whole,

content in the knowing of that which I am.

I am light and I am peace.